Xiaomi Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 Review 2023 Among the best smart TVs on budget

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 Review- Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics manufacturer, recently introduced its first smart television in India, which runs on the Amazon Fire TV operating system. It is an entry-level model with a name of Redmi Smart Fire TV and a 32-inch screen only. A basic television needs a good audio-visual, but a smart television needs more to be considered “smart.” Fortunately, the Redmi Fire television 32 verges on measuring up to the assumptions.

The Redmi Fire TV 32, which runs on the Amazon Fire TV 7 operating system, is simple to set up if you have an Amazon account. It is important to note that an Amazon Prime membership and an Amazon account are distinct. It is allowed to pursue the Amazon account, yet the Excellent participation is a paid membership with a few advantages – including admittance to content accessible on Prime Video and Amazon Music. Subsequently, you can pursue the Amazon record and use it to set-up the TV. However, in order to stream content from over-the-top (OTT) apps, you would need to subscribe to those apps. You can set-up the TV without connecting the Amazon account, however at that point the vast majority of its administrations, shrewd abilities, and admittance to applications wouldn’t be accessible.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 Review

The PatchWall user interface and Android-based televisions that Xiaomi and its sub-brand Redmi produce help differentiate the company’s products from those of rival manufacturers. It is a strategy that has been successful and provides some uniformity across the product range. The software experience is largely the same whether you buy a high-end Xiaomi TV or a low-end Redmi model. In any case, the organization’s as of late sent off Brilliant Fire television 32 gives that somewhat solid and recognizable experience an astonishing skip.

costing Rs. The Redmi Smart Fire TV 32, which retails for Rs. 12,499 in India, is the brand’s first television to feature Amazon’s Fire TV OS, a smart TV and streaming device platform developed specifically for Amazon’s Fire TV devices and Fire TV Edition televisions. This also means that Prime Video software is deeply integrated into the user interface and Alexa is the default voice assistant. Is this the best 32-inch brilliant television that you can purchase at the present time? Read this review to learn.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 Review

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 Review Overview

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Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 (L32R8-FVIN) design and specifications

Xiaomi has played it safe with its first product, the Redmi Smart Fire TV line, which is a brand-new line of products. The new television is made for the vast majority of smart TV buyers in India because of its small size and low price. It is only available in a 32-inch model. Naturally, this also means that, like the majority of 32-inch televisions on the market, it only has an HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz.

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Even though the software has undergone significant changes, the Redmi television’s exterior retains its familiar and secure appearance, making it nearly impossible to distinguish one model from another. This is not at all undesirable; it’s a clear plan and tasteful which guarantees tight lines around the screen, and a general thickness that most certainly isn’t an excess of in any event, for a reasonable TV. Because of its small size, the television is very light—3.9 kilograms on its own.

The fixed power cable is on the right side of the Redmi Smart Fire TV 32, and the ports face to the left of the screen. For wired network, the TV has two HDMI ports (one of which supports Curve), two USB 2.0 ports, AV-in attachments, an Ethernet port, a 3.5mm attachment for earphones or speakers, and a Recieving wire attachment. Remote network incorporates double band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5. The TV has a 20W, two-speaker system that fires downwards and supports Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual: DTS-HD and X formats for sound. A quad-core Cortex A35 processor, Mali G31 MP2 GPU, 1 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of internal storage for apps and app data power the smart TV interface.

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Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 (L32R8-FVIN) remote and features

The well-known (possibly infamous) Xiaomi minimalist remote is included with nearly all of the company’s televisions and streaming devices, but it was made to work with the Android TV operating system. As a result, the Redmi Smart Fire TV gets a new remote that works better with the Fire TV operating system and has a few new tweaks that help make the experience better all around.

First and foremost, there are two prominent changes, for example, a Redmi and Fire television marking at the base, and the notable blue Alexa logo on the voice control button at the top. There are likewise devoted playback buttons separate from the route cushion that prior bent over for playback controls, and stunningly, a commit quiet button. It’s as yet a moderate remote, however is certainly more coordinated and preferred set up over Xiaomi’s previous controllers.

You additionally get hot keys for Netflix, Prime Video, and Amazon Music, as well as the application cabinet on the Fire television working framework. The remote is controlled by two AAA batteries (remembered for the case), and uses Bluetooth to associate with the TV and for sending voice orders to Alexa.

The Redmi Smart Fire TV 32’s Alexa functionality is identical to that of any other Fire TV Edition television or Amazon streaming device; You can use it to get content from the television, control connected IoT devices, and answer general questions. You will need to press the Alexa button on the remote and speak into the remote’s microphone in order for the television to be able to process any voice commands, unlike other devices.

For casting or mirroring content from compatible devices, there is also support for AirPlay and Miracast, among other notable features. The Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 has a significant advantage over competing budget smart TVs because AirPlay worked particularly well from my iPhone.

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Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 (L32R8-FVIN) software and interface

Following quite a while of adhering to Android television and Xiaomi’s own PatchWall UI, the Redmi Shrewd Fire television 32 changes things up on the product front, and incredibly. This television features Amazon’s Fire TV operating system, which is similar to “Fire TV Edition” televisions from brands like Onida, Akai, and AmazonBasics. The company is working more closely with its long-time e-commerce partner Amazon on this television.

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The Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 performs similarly to virtually any television equipped with an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Cube in terms of the Fire TV OS experience. Not at all like the organization’s Android television fueled TVs which additionally have PatchWall as a launcher on top Android television, the Fire television operating system UI is your main decision on the Redmi Shrewd Fire television 32.

Fire TV OS and its apps are significantly lighter and easier to use on the TV’s limited power. Even though the Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 only has 8GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM, the experience feels smoother and faster than it does on Android TV-powered TVs with similar specs.

Everything happens quickly enough, from starting up to loading apps. However, there were times when things took longer than I had anticipated. Fire television likewise now professes to have more than 12,000 applications accessible to download, including every one of the vital web-based features.

There is likewise ‘Live television’ coordination, which helpfully gets any live streamed content, both free and premium, from upheld applications, for example, news stations and marked content. Using the Fire TV interface, you can also integrate this with content from a set-top box or antenna-based device and create a guide and scheduler. It is well-designed for users who want to explore streaming content but haven’t completely ditched traditional linear TV content sources.

I’ve spoken about the Fire television operating system experience exhaustively in many audits, and the general insight on the Redmi Brilliant Fire television 32 is to a great extent the equivalent. Fortunately, the television runs the most recent version of Fire OS 7, which is the same as the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube of the current generation. This includes the software’s settings and other typically unseen components, in addition to the content, apps, and overall look of the user interface.

The user interface and operating system take a content-first approach, putting a strong emphasis on Prime Video content but also recommending a lot of other services. On the Redmi Smart Fire TV 32, major apps like Netflix, Apple TV, and YouTube work quite smoothly. You can also directly launch apps from other services. Alexa can likewise be utilized to get content from numerous administrations, including Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar, through voice orders.

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Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 (L32R8-FVIN) performance

The 32-inch screen size is a well known one in India, because of the general smaller size of the TV and its typically reasonable valuing. It is also primarily focused on the majority of the content that is available, which typically has a resolution somewhere in the middle of full-HD and standard-definition, and it relies on traditional terrestrial sources rather than Internet-based sources.

The Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 works best when viewed from a short distance, but viewing certain types of content from a longer distance can be enjoyable. For instance, watching sitcoms, for example, Present day Family and Captured Advancement on Disney+ Hotstar was maybe the best method for utilizing this TV, with the style of the substance the most appropriate to the size and abilities of the television.

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With sports content, especially F1 races on the F1 television application, the Redmi Savvy Fire television 32 conveyed a sensibly equipped encounter, just periodically defaced by conflicting movement. The TV handled HD movies similarly, and overall, for its size, it provided a reasonably competent viewing experience.

In order to ensure optimal data consumption, the apps on the Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 naturally kept the resolution at HD even when watching movies and television shows that are normally offered in higher resolutions. The majority of things can be watched on the television fairly consistently, with the exception of dull, dimly lit content like the action sequences on the planet Mandalore in The Mandalorian season 3 that were a little disappointing.

Sound quality on the Redmi Savvy Fire television 32 feels clearly for its size, however there are a few unequivocal weaknesses in the tuning. Although the dialogue and music were audible, the sound often had a gruff and unpolished quality to it. The sheer loudness and uniformity of the volume increases more than make up for the shortcomings, which are unlikely to be a major issue.

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The Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 performs similarly to any similarly priced 32-inch television, offering straightforward picture quality that meets the requirements of the most common types of content. Where the TV really stands apart is in the product bundle; This television stands out a lot thanks to the Fire TV suite, especially if you already use Alexa and have an Echo smart speaker at home.

The Redmi Smart Fire TV 32’s overall performance is decent, and the Fire TV software is arguably better optimized for budget hardware than Android TV. If you’re looking for a small, affordable television with smart features, this is a good option to think about. You shouldn’t be disappointed as long as you keep your expectations reasonable.


The Xiaomi Redmi Smart Fire TV is an innovative and user-friendly device that can transform any ordinary television into a smart TV. With its advanced features and sleek design, it offers users an unparalleled viewing experience. The device comes equipped with a powerful processor and high-quality graphics, ensuring that users can stream their favorite shows and movies with ease. Its intuitive interface allows for easy navigation, while the voice control feature makes it even more convenient to use. Whether you’re looking to enjoy your favorite streaming services or simply want to browse the web on your TV, the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Fire TV has got you covered. It’s a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their entertainment setup and take their viewing experience to the next level.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 Review FAQ’S

Is redmi 32 TV good?

The Redmi Smart Fire TV 32 delivers a smooth and effortless user experience. Although the visual display of this smart TV matches that of other 32-inch models, what truly stands out to me is its exceptional audio performance.

Is it worth buying redmi TV?

Good experience. Nice clarity, nice audio. Overall worth for money with the offer.

Is redmi TV good or bad quality?

Picture quality is very good. 4k videos run smoothly and looks too good. Sound is very good compared other TV’s in this range.

Which is better Xiaomi TV or Redmi TV?

Although there is not a significant difference in price between the Redmi TV X series and Mi TV 5X models, the latter provides some notable improvements. The Mi TVs feature an all-aluminium frame, 40W speakers with increased volume, and support for both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Additionally, the quality of the panel is superior to that of the Redmi TV X series.

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