Why does Wi-Fi fall off on the air conditioner?

I have not yet encountered such problems in the operation of Wi-Fi on air conditioners. I think there could be many reasons. And both from the side of the router, and the air conditioner itself.

Specifically, on the ASUS 4G-AC86U router. There are no special features that are explicitly responsible for turning off Wi-Fi clients to save energy, and because of which your air conditioner could lose its Wi-Fi connection. Here’s what I managed to find:

  • “Wi-Fi eco” function. Look for it in the application for managing the router on a mobile device. If you do not have this application, install it and get access to the router settings. I mentioned this feature in this article.
  • There is also one item in the advanced settings of the Wi-Fi network. It is called DTIM Interval. Sets the startup interval for clients in power saving mode.
    DTIM Interval on an ASUS routerBut there you need to set the value. There is no way to just turn it off.

This is all that I could find specifically on energy savings.

I can also advise updating the firmware, resetting the router, setting it up and reconnecting the air conditioner. Make sure the signal strength is good near the air conditioner.

Since the air conditioner most likely connects to Wi-Fi in the 2.4 GHz band, then in the router settings, for this range, set the channel width to 20 MHz, so the network will work more stably. And maybe the AC won’t turn off the Wi-Fi.

Question author: Sergey

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