WhatsApp tweets wrong map of India deletes later after IT minister Chandrasekhar’s warning

Whatsapp tweets wrong map of India- whatsapp uploaded a video that excludes Pakistan’s illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir region and some areas claimed by China. Electronics and Information Technology Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar warned whatsapp after he shared the wrong map of India in one of his tweets. The Meta-owned platform shared details about its upcoming New Year’s livestream, uploading a video that excludes the regions of Jammu and Kashmir illegally occupied by Pakistan, as well as several areas claimed by China. Dear Whatsapp. Please fix the India map error ASAP,” the minister warned the company in a tweet while tagging Whatsapp. All platforms that want to continue must use the correct card,” he continued.

WhatsApp displays the map of India as if it were a flat and seamless surface. This is partially due to how the platform displays location data from users and third-party sources. For example, when you send a message or make a call, WhatsApp will use your phone’s GPS location to determine where you are sending from and where you are receiving from. Although this data can be accurate, it can also be slightly off due to factors like signal strength, network coverage, and device errors. So, when you look at the map on WhatsApp, you might see features like roads and cities in a slightly different order than they actually exist on the ground.

Whatsapp tweets wrong map of India

The union’s IT minister, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, issued a subtle warning to whatsapp today when the messaging platform posted a graphics on its Twitter handle showing a fake map of India. He has since deleted the tweet and apologized. A map highlighting India on Earth excluded Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and some Indian territories claimed by China. In a “request” to whatsapp to fix it, the minister said in a quoted tweet: “All platforms doing business in India and/or wishing to continue doing business in India should use the correct card,” said Chandrasekhar. It tagged meta, the company that owns whatsapp side by side other platforms.

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The minister noticed Meta and took action around 4 pm when whatsapp sent a tweet to multiple locations posting a livestream of New Year’s Eve. It was within a few hours. WhatsApp users in India were shocked to find that their feeds had been filled with a bizarrely wrong map of the country. It showed India as a series of disconnected islands, with some parts of the country looking like a combination of the continents Asia and Africa. The map quickly went viral, with many people pointing out how inaccurate it was. However, it seems like the map was actually created by accident – ​​since it was originally meant to represent the countries of South America! So you may want to double check that your messages aren’t being translated incorrectly before sending them off to your friends in India.

Whatsapp tweets wrong map of India

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About Wrong Map of India

Misrepresentation of Indian territory can lead to police suits, and the law also provides for imprisonment. The state was reorganized in several stages, with different factors behind it. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and his secretary vice-president of the ministry of foreign Affairs menon set to work. Their task was to unite over 550 monarchies into India. 74 years after India gained its independence on august 15, 1947 2019 announced the creation of two new Union Territories (UTs) by splitting the states of Jammu and cashmere, reducing the number of internal borders. continues to change.

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IT Minister pulls up WhatsApp over incorrect map of India

IT Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar called whatsapp on Saturday and demanded that the error be rectified immediately after he tweeted a video depicting an incorrect map of India. Messaging his platform has since deleted the tweet and apologized. Calling whatsapp about the map distortion, the minister said, “All platforms doing business in India and/or wanting to continue doing business in India must use the correct map. warned. Dear @whatsapp Request to fix India map error ASAP,” Chandrasekhar tweeted after his platform posted a New years-related tweet showing the wrong map of India on Meta-owned messaging. Did.

A whatsapp video post on New Year’s Ever livestream showed the Earth showing the wrong map of India in relation to Jammu and Kashmir.
whatsapp deleted the tweet after the minister warned. “Minister, thanks you for pointing out the unintentional error. sorry, I deleted the stream immediately. I will be more careful in the future,” whatsapp tweeted. Chandrasekhar earlier this week also warned Eric yuan, the founder and CEO of video calling company zoom, about fake maps of India. The minister tweeted on Dec. 28, stating, “We recommend that you make sure you are using the correct map of the country where you are doing business or planning to do business.” Deleted the tweet in question.

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In this blog, We have come across a few tweets whatsapp where people seem to be using a wrong map of India. The map posted in the tweets shows parts of India that do not actually exist. We want to make sure that everyone is aware of this and that they are using the correct map when tweeting about India.

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