Victoria Memorial, Kolkata All you need to know In 2023

Victoria Memorial – In Kolkata, the Victoria Memorial is much more than just a famous landmark or historical structure. The city’s colonial and architectural past can be seen in this magnificent monument and museum. This extravagant marble memorial is also one of Kolkata’s most popular tourist attractions and is set against a backdrop of lush green lawns. Take some time to explore this spellbinding legacy of the British Raj in the City of Joy, whether you are planning a trip with your family or on your own.

Victoria Memorial is a once-in-a-lifetime destination that is worth visiting for anyone who enjoys sightseeing. The memorial was built to commemorate the people who died in the 1858 Indian Mutiny, and it is now a must-see for anyone interested in British history. There are many interesting aspects to the memorial, such as the beautiful gardens, the fascinating architecture, and the wide range of exhibitions that are on offer. It’s well worth your time to visit Victoria Memorial – so get ready to enjoy some stunning sights!

Victoria Memorial

One of the most well-known landmarks in West Bengal, India’s Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), is the Victoria Memorial, a massive white marble structure that serves as a museum and is a popular destination for tourists. This monument, design by George Curzon, Viceroy of India and 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston, was dedicate to the memory of Queen Victoria (1819–1901). In addition to serving as a magnificent architectural gem in the Indo-Saracenic revivalist style, this magnificent memorial also stands out as a reminder of the British Crown’s rule over the Indian subcontinent. In the midst of Kolkata’s bustling metropolis, it is a must-visit tourist destination for first-time visitors to experience the essence of the Victorian era.

Victoria Memorial is one of the most famous tourist attractions in India. It is a shrine dedicated to Queen Victoria and is located in the city of Mumbai. The memorial consists of a huge statue of the Queen and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. If you’re planning a trip to Mumbai, it’s definitely worth making time for a visit to Victoria Memorial.

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Victoria Memorial, Kolkata All you need to know In 2023

Victoria Memorial Details

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This historic building is now one of Kolkata’s best museums. The Calcutta Gallery, the Portrait Gallery, the Royal Gallery, the Sculpture Gallery, and the National Leaders Gallery are just a few of the 25 galleries house within the memorial. Over 28,000 artifacts, including sculptures, antiquarian books, paintings, and arms and armor, can be found in the Victoria Memorial Museum.

In addition to the magnificent structure, the expansive green lawns that surround the memorial are an ideal location for morning walks and gatherings in Kolkata. There are statues of Rajendra Nath Mookherjee, Queen Victoria, Charles Cornwallis, Arthur Wellesley, and others in the 57-acre gardens. The property is currently heavily influence by the Service of Culture.


Lord Curzon, a Viceroy of India, came up with the idea for the Victoria Memorial, which is one of the best places to see history in Kolkata. Curzon suggested constructing a grand memorial to honor Queen Victoria when she died in January 1901, when she was Empress of British India. He suggested that the memorial be a grand structure with a museum where visitors could see the wonders of the past. The Prince of Wales, who would later become King George V, laid the groundwork for the memorial on January 4, 1906. In 1921, the structure was officially dedicate and made accessible to the general public. After India got its independence, the memorial got more stuff.


The architecture of the Victoria Memorial is Indo-Saracenic revivalist, combining elements from the Mughal, British, Egyptian, Islamic, Venetian, and Deccani eras. The structure, which is made of white Markana marble, has dimensions of 103 meters by 69 meters and a height of 56 meters.

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The design of Victoria Memorial is influence by the Taj Mahal. It has a terrace, four smaller domes in the center, high portals, octagonal-shaped domed chaatris, and domed towers at the corners. The central dome is top by the 16-foot-tall Angel of Victory. The central dome is surround by a number of allegorical sculptures, including Charity, Justice, Art, and Architecture. Prudence, Motherhood, and Learning are allegorical sculptures on the North Porch.

Victoria Memorial Garden Design

The Victoria Memorial’s gardens cover 64 acres, or roughly 26,000 square meters. They are care for by a large group of skilled gardeners. Lord Redesdale and David Prain collaborate on their initial design. Empress Victoria is still seat on her throne on the Esch-designed bridge, right between Goscombe John narrative panels and a George Frampton bronze statue of the Empress. In the quadrangles and other locations surrounding this monument, there are statues of Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis, Hastings, Arthur Wellesley, Robert Clive, and James Broun-Ramsay, 1st Marquess of Dalhousie.

Victoria Memorial Light and Sound Show

One of India’s most captivating light and sound shows takes place at the memorial in the evening. Viewers are take on a fascinating journey through Kolkata’s heritage and history by the Victoria Memorial’s light and sound. The film, appropriately titled “Pride and Glory: The Story of Calcutta,” brings to life on screen the numerous former splendors of the city.

  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Timings:
  • Bengali Show – 6.15 pm to 7.00 pm (October to February); 6.45 pm to 7.30 pm (March to June)
  •  English Show – 7.15 pm to 8.00 pm (October to February); 7.45 pm to 8.30 pm (March to June)

Note: No shows on Mondays, National Holidays and between July and September month.

  • Entry Fees:
    Bengali Show – Rs 10 per person
    English Show –Rs 20 per person

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata All you need to know In 2023

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  • Before the construction of the memorial, the location house the Presidency Jail. The jail was shift to Alipore and the structure was demolish to make way for the memorial.
  • The grand memorial was construct using funds provided by the Indians. Lord Curzon made an appeal to the public and donations were collect from all over the country. Only a part of the construction cost was shoulder by the British government.
  • The Victoria Memorial was paint black in 1943 during World War II. This was done to camouflage the building and prevent that it from being a target of Japanese air raid bombings.


Victoria Memorial Hall is a true symbol of Kolkata’s architectural splendor and grandeur, and it still stands as such today. The VMH was plan by Lord Curzon, Viceroy of British India, as a memorial to Queen Victoria and is locate on 1 Queen’s Way. A significant meeting was held on February 6, 1901, in the Town Hall of Calcutta, a few weeks after the Queen’s death in January 1901. At that meeting, a resolution was move to establish an all-Indian Memorial Fund for the construction of the memorial.

The architects of India receive a generous response to their request for funds, and their voluntary subscriptions were the sole source of the one crore, five lakh rupees need to build this monument. On January 4, 1906, King George V, then Prince of Wales, laid the foundation stone. In 1921, it was officially open to the public. A statue of the groundbreaking Bengal industrialist Rajendra Nath Mookerjee can be found there. Following an order from the West Bengal High Court, the Victoria Memorial Gardens began charging admission fees in 2004.

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