Top 9 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 In India 2023 – Updated List

Top 9 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 In India:- The advanced age has seen an upsurge in the realm of computer games, with a rising proportion of gamers effectively sharing. The vital capability of a Keyboards while exploring the universe of gaming can’t be overdrawn — it remains as a window to an out and out gaming experience. Be that as it may, since not every person can manage the cost of robust gaming Keyboards, our consideration moves to evaluating the best gaming Keyboards under 2000 in India in 2023.

We seek to bring you an in-depth attention  at the Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 within this price point in this object. With the bonus attractiveness of RGB lighting, this lineup simply serves gaming keyboards that have higher-ranking mechanical functionality.

Top 9 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 In India 2023

Over the most recent couple of years, the interest of youngsters and grown-ups has expanded quickly in the gaming business. What’s more, the accessibility of high-spec gaming items at a modest rate is viewed as the main explanation for it. It’s additionally obvious on the grounds that these days, you can’t contend with your rivals on the off chance that you don’t have great gaming fringe support.

Looking at gaming peripherals, a decent quality Keyboards is among the main elements for a gamer to enjoy an upper hand over their rival. Presumably, abilities make the biggest difference, yet how can a gamer manage his first class abilities on the off chance that he doesn’t have the rear of a gaming Keyboards that can answer orders immediately? So, I’m here with the best gaming Keyboards under 2000 that you can introduce on your gaming PC and shock your foes with moment reflexes. In this way, look at the underneath referenced list on the off chance that you need a peaceful undertaking in buying a gaming Keyboards for your PC.

Top 9 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 In India 2023

Top 9 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 In India 2023 Details

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List Of Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 In India

Is it true or not that you are examining buying a Keyboards that offers both quickness and capabilities? The beneath assortment includes different Keyboards that are of incredible quality and are evaluated under 2000.

These Keyboards present different qualities, including illuminated keys, robotized exactness, remote dexterity, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. They have been worked to satisfy the needs of gamers. So continue to look to find more about the Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000.

1. Ant Esports MK1200 Mini Gaming Keyboard

The Insect Esports MK1200 Smaller than expected will support your gaming adventure; it is a unique advantage in 60% robotized Keyboards . This Keyboards, highlighting Outemu Red Mechanical switches, has been formulated to prepare exceptional responsiveness and a feeling of touch, giving you an early advantage over your opponents, principally in furious first-individual shooter games where parted second rebounds are central. The MK1200 Smaller than normal is made out of great plastic and highlights twofold shot ABS keycaps, adding to its life span and affirming it won’t mutilate or turn while on the excursion.

This Keyboards is proper for utilization while visiting on account of its adaptable 1.5m meshed USB Type-C link, which enhances every one of the advantages of its simple 60% size. The Insect Esports MK1200 Smaller than normal gives off an impression of being the ideal device for your next game conflict since it highlights fourteen Drove modes, variable rates, and a double arrangement of switches.


  • The MK1200 Mini is a minimalist 61-key mechanical keyboard absolutely engineered for gaming that conserves desk space.
  • It boasts 14 LED modes and variable rate commands, thus making it simple to customize to a person’s liking & sense of flair to it.
  • It includes Outemu red mechanical button that enrich your gaming experience by offering exceptional tactile intake and high responsiveness to lower lag.
  • It has a detachable, 1.5-meter braided USB Type-C cable, making it portable & perfect for trips.
  • The MK1200 Mini is plug-&-play consistent and functions without additional drivers on Mac and Windows operating systems.
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  • Solid framework.
  • A sleek appearance.
  • Responsive, transportable keyboard.
  • Tactile infusion for gaming and typing.
  • Trendy RGB lighting.
  • A multitude of features.
  • Braided Type-C cable that is enduring.


  • The fixed color plan for backlighting.

Ant Esports MK1200 Mini Gaming

2. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-26 Gaming Keyboard

The Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 rupees is the Enormous Byte CB-GK-26. At basically Rs 1600, the cost turns out to be substantially more enticing as it offers enormous limits. It has particular bolt and page up/down keys and comprises a 70% Keyboards in any case. Any of the work areas will fit flawlessly with its moderate size plan. The composing experience is considerably comfortable while utilizing Red Switches. These keys are outstandingly quiet, bringing about no commotion interruption. Prominently, both keys and switches can be modified, however it’s significant to specify that the Outemu switches are the sole ones that work with the switches.

The Keyboards moreover offers various rewards other than these qualities. The RGB lighting looks staggering, with 20 illuminated impacts and eight gaming backgrounds. The Keyboards full key enemy of ghosting and 1000Hz surveying speed amplify the gaming experience. This Keyboards truly feels lovely to type on. The experience is praiseworthy, regardless of the reality it probably won’t meet the benchmarks of extravagance Keyboards , given the sticker price. The humble strain expected to push the keys conveys wonderful material input. The Red Switches offer a peaceful climate for composing and gaming through lower keypress vibration. In general, the Enormous Byte CB-GK-26 offers a fantastic composing and gaming experience. It is definitely one of the most striking mechanical and the Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 rupees and offers huge benefit for your money.


  • Minimal 70% keyboard configuration.
  • Versatile Support for both Windows & Mac OS operating systems.
  • Red key switches, an impact-resistant plastic casing, all-key anti-ghosting for precise inputs & a high polling rate of 1000 Hz are all incorporated.
  • Simple Plug & Play setup with a wired connection & no additional software installation necessary.
  • Bright Rainbow RGB Lights with 8th fun game modes and 20 eye-catching backlit effects.
  • 565 grams of lightweight gear with a one-year warranty.


  • Firm and well-built frame
  • Optimal size blending utility and compactness.
  • Enriching aesthetics with vibrant RGB lighting.
  • Universal key changing capacity.
  • Incredible value proposition.
  • Greater keyboarding and gaming activity.
  • Ideal for solo typing sessions.


  • Immutable flashing key colors.
  • Lacks a numeric pad.

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-26 Gaming Keyboard

3. HP GK320 Wired Gaming Keyboard

The HP GK320 could end up being an incredible pick on the off chance that you have limited reserves and are shooting for a tough gaming Keyboards from a recognized brand. This Keyboards has various remarkable elements, yet it likewise has specific deficiencies. Its without bezel plan, in which the keys stretch the whole way across the screen to the corners, is one extraordinary component that supplements the gadget’s engaging perspective. Regardless of the way that a few clients could skip having a wrist cushion, the keys’ overall openness is as yet a resource. The Keyboards conveys a pleasant experience, particularly for gaming, as a result of the incorporated Blue switches. Each time a key is squeezed, these switches give satisfying criticism and an interesting composing sound.

Albeit those moving from film Keyboards might request a touch of time to get adjusted to the sound, by far most before long foster an affection for it. N-key rollover and 6-key enemy of ghosting are two gaming leap forwards that the Keyboards involves, the two of which cultivate the gaming experience. The form nature of the HP GK320 is one region where it needs to get up to speed. In any case, the Keyboards has a solid vibe that avoids a sensible discernment. Despite the fact that the rainbow enlightenment is fixed, the RGB lighting complements the appearance of the room in general. Albeit key backdrop illumination can be redone, various RGB impacts are accessible. The HP GK320 advances itself as a reasonable Keyboards elective. It offers of the Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000 for someone attempting to grip to a pocket-accommodating spending plan.


  • A standard Keyboards with a numeric cushion is offered, and the Fitting and Play include grants brief convenience without the requirement for programming establishment.
  • Operating with both Windows & Mac systems delivers versatility in use.
  • It also features tactile Blue Switches, a resilient Plastic body & long-lasting dual keycaps.
  • It also assures reliability with Six-key anti-ghosting technology.


  • Includes a full-size plan & adapting various pursuits.
  • Combined with rewarding & realistic game experiences.
  • Bright RGB lighting that better the viewing experience.
  • Robust building that attests to excellent toughness.
  • Attention-grabbing design that grabs the eye.
  • A keyboard that offers a lot of value for the money.
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  • Options for conversion may be constrained by fastened RGB lighting arrangement.

HP GK320 Wired Gaming Keyboard

4. ZEBRONICS Zeb-Nitro Gaming Keyboard

A few clients contend that enlightenment parts like RGB lighting are superfluous; consequently not all mechanical gaming Keyboards need to have that element. The ZEBRONICS Zeb-Nitro 1 publicizes itself as an immaculate choice for such people. In a perfect world, the probable purchasers of this Keyboards ought to be know all about their ordinary work situations. As expected from keys utilizing Blue switches, the Keyboards works well, giving a material reaction and a unique clicky sound. Seeing its low sticker cost, the sensation of touch is very positive while not being pretty much as sparkly as that tracked down in first class Keyboards .

The form nature of this Keyboards is one place where it might have been updated. ZEBRONICS normally utilizes metal parts in its reasonable gaming Keyboards, so this comes as somewhat of a shock to a large number. N-Key Rollover, a helpful component that exactly enrolls each keypress, has been incorporated into the Keyboards for gaming objectives, in any event, when different keys are squeezed on the double. This component is convenient while playing computer games where quick and it are basic to coincide key sources of info. It has a related wrist cushion that conveys solace and could accelerate composing by empowering clients to really focus on their wrists. Despite the fact that the ZEBRONICS Zeb-Nitro 1 doesn’t uphold RGB lights or prevalent form quality, it is really pleasurable to type on it. Given its sensible cost range, we find it versatile to suggest this Keyboards for peers searching for the Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000.


  • This keyboard is whip to make both typing and gaming fun.
  • Employs Blue Key Switches & sustains N-Key Rollover function.
  • Assembled with a plastic body & boasts a 1000Hz Polling rate.


  • Offers a full-size keyboard layout.
  • Superior for both typing & gaming purposes.
  • Delivers gratifying essential feedback.
  • Equipped with an enduring plait cable.


  • The lack of luminance may make it difficult to play in dim light.
  • The entire chassis is made of plastic.

ZEBRONICS Zeb-Nitro Gaming Keyboard

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5. Redgear Shadow Base Gaming Keyboard

One of the Most Gaming Keyboards Under 2000, The Redgear Shadow Blast Keyboards has an exceptional Numpad and is built completely of plastic. This Keyboards extensive enemy of ghosting key innovation and utilization of harmless blue changes empower it to stand apart from the opposition. The Redgear Keyboards has a wrist rest that helps ergonomics and is made to be comfortable for extended gaming time. The Keyboards coordinates 22 range LEDs that can be changed so clients might alter the lighting to their inclinations regarding feel.

The Redgear Shadow’s specialized media control handle is an essential component. This fundamental element makes controlling proceeding with sound and video playback easy, including volume changes and play/stop choices. We saw nothing not right with the Keyboards gaming execution during our testing and assessment. Amazingly short inertness rates are available for gamers looking for the best reactivity. The Keyboards likewise creates a Windows key lock to guarantee ceaseless gaming meetings liberated from coincidental breaks. the Keyboards has stroking keycaps, which are very famous among gamers, considering that they lift the material feel and require less strokes to push the keys. The Redgear Shadow is certainly a decent choice, explicitly for customers who esteem the Redgear brand name.


  • Anti-ghosting keycap functionality with heartfelt blue switches.
  • Quick Window lock feature for interval-free gaming.


  • Fantastic craftsmanship & lower latency.
  • The potential of switching off the Windows Key.
  • Tactile answer when playing games.


  • Free and restricted RGB illuminations.

Redgear Shadow Base Gaming Keyboard

6. Redragon Karura K502 Gaming Keyboard

The Redragon Karura K502 is a noticeable fledgling’s Keyboards sent off by the Chinese organization Redragon. The Keyboards flaunts an all-plastic plan, a discrete matte completion, and a layer based instrument. Its formed shape encases a dependable wrist rest, which proves to be useful during extensive composing or gaming meetings and successfully lightens wrist strain. The RGB lighting on the Keyboards includes seven unmistakable variety LEDs, permitting clients to redo their arrangement with a decision of seven different lighting impacts. Also, per Redragon, the Keyboards has been made to endure accidental spills, making it less defenseless to disasters.

Clients ought to be aware of the way that it’s a layer Keyboards , the material criticism may be preferable over with better quality choices, particularly for those dug in complicated gaming scenes. In any case, the Keyboards supplies 25 substantial enemy of ghosting keys, setting the precision of simultaneous keystrokes. The Redragon Karura K502 is eminent for mixing media-explicit keys that make controlling sight and sound playing more straightforward. The possibility of debilitating the Windows key is a further advantage situated toward gamers, and it tends to be useful during extreme meetings of gaming to stay away from compulsory breaks. The Redragon Karura K502 sparkles out as a balanced option for novices, highlighting configurable RGB lighting, useful elements, and a spill-safe plan.

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  • Supports anti-ghosting keys to initiate the accuracy of keystrokes.
  • Formulates membrane-based algorithm.


  • Braided cable
  • Anti-water spills technology
  • 25 anti-ghosting keycaps for smooth multiplayer gaming
  • Excellent RGB lighting choices


  • Could upgrade the design as it feels more old school.

Redragon Karura K502 Gaming Keyboard

7. HP K500F Gaming Keyboard

One of the Most mind-blowing Gaming Keyboards Under 2000, The HP K500F is a layer Keyboards with a metal top board and a plastic-based inside system. The lively RGB lighting on this gaming Keyboards is, undoubtedly, its most clear characteristic. On account of its captivating rainbow lighting, the Keyboards decisively works on its superbness, particularly when seen in low light.

Evaluation of the keycaps broadcasts that they were made utilizing double innovation. On account of the intentional design, the typeface on the keycaps stays coherent even after adequate and overwhelming Keyboards use. 26 enemy of ghosting keys are a further fundamental component of the HP K500F. This usefulness is fundamental while playing multiplayer computer games like Valorant and BGMI, where it are expected to coincide key presses.


  • The keyboard comprises media-specific keys that supply quick access to playback controls and audio and visual tweaks.
  • Magnificient multiplayer functionality with 26 Anti-ghosting keys.


  • Emotive rainbow RGB lighting.
  • Sturdy metal top panel built.
  • Enduring keycaps with very good font visibility.


  • Moderate comfort level.
  • Lack of RGB customization choices.

HP K500F Gaming Keyboard

8. Zebronics Zeb-Magnus Wired Gaming Keyboard

The Zebronics Zeb-Magnus Gaming Keyboards includes a mishmash of parts made arrangements for bettering your gaming experience for just shy of 2000 Rs. You might tweak the light result depending on your gaming encompassing and power with its 4 Methods of Multicolor Drove Lights. The consideration of a Gold-plated USB Connector ensures top notch information move, while the plaited line guarantees sans tangle gaming. This Keyboards has been emphatically assessed with 10 million vital cycles to guarantee ideal execution in any event, during cutting edge ongoing interaction.


  • 5 Multimedia Elements.
  • LED Breathing Chorus Theme.
  • Braided Cable is 1.8 meters long.
  • 3 Programmable Macro Keys in Windows Key Lock.


  • Customized Multimedia Keys
  • Unique Built for modern funky appeal.


  • During gameplay, no cons emerged.

Zebronics Zeb-Magnus Wired Gaming Keyboard

9. Amkette EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard

The EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboards allows you to play like a master gamer. Relish the most shallow components of a foldable kickstand while playing in the drifting keycap structure, which guarantees a comfortable and ideal gaming stance. You can fulfill the responsiveness of up to 19 keystrokes at the same time with the authorization of Cutting edge Enemy of Ghosting innovation, celebrating your in-game version. The Keyboards tough form with 12 promptly open Mixed media keys will assist you with messing around more richly.


  • The Windows Lock function will let you play more slowly.
  • Take advantage of the adaptability of a lengthy 1.5 Metre plait Cable.
  • Enrich your gaming with the LED backlight’s peaceful Breathing Effect.
  • Rely on the structure’s ABS Plastic stiffness & tenacity.
  • View the Metal Top Design for a more deluxe look and sensation.


  • Add a Magnetic Ring to expand the efficacy of data transmission.
  • Offers very good value at such an affordable price.


  • Some users might discover that RGB lighting needs more complex customizing choices.

Amkette EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000

You must think about the following aspects before making a purchase of the Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000:

1. Variant Switch

The haptic feel and speed of reaction of a Keyboards are enormously influenced by its switch style. Albeit expensive, mechanical buttons are the most commonplace decision among gamers. Then again, Film switches convey a practical other option however probably won’t have a similar material responsiveness.

2. Individual Control Pads

While not a dull component, many gaming Keyboards incorporate redid control cushions on the left half of the Keyboards that you should consider for good wrist control during extraordinary interactivity.

3. Anti-Ghosting

Hostile to ghosting coordination of innovation allows the simultaneous squeezing of numerous keys, halting any occurrences of absent or wrong key enrollments.

4. Architecture For Mechanical Keys

Mechanical keys are more much of the time tracked down on gaming Keyboards than film ones. When contrasted and other Keyboards types, these keys request less power for actuation, considering speedier composing and diminished strain.

5. Illumination

In low-light conditions, delineation, prominently backdrop illumination, can improve perceivability and enhance the feeling of sight. The incorporation of RGB lights additionally makes it practical to customize the Keyboards.


The popularity of computer games has increased in the modern period, with a growing number of players successfully pooling resources. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a keyboard while exploring the world of gaming; it serves as a doorway to the whole gaming experience. However, as not everyone can afford the price of powerful gaming keyboards, our focus now shifts to analyzing the top 2000 rupee gaming keyboards in India in 2023.

FAQs For The Best Gaming Keyboards Under 2000

A 60% Keyboard Is What?

A 60% keyboard is a compact keyboard with a technical number pad and other keys that are generally seen on a full-size keyboard. Because it is around 60% the size of a full-size keyboard, it is referred to as a 60% keyboard. Both gamers and people with short desks favor these keyboards.

What Is The Quickest Gaming Keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard with high polling velocities and little input lag is often regarded as the fastest keyboard for gaming.

Are Gaming Keyboards Worth The Price?

Your passion for gaming relies entirely on you, but gaming keyboards are undeniably worthwhile if you are a solemn player. Additionally, it boosts your game skills.

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