How Can I Recover My WiFi Password and Username?

Here’s how to get your Wi-Fi network password back if you’ve forgotten it. Use the default WiFi login that is printed on a label at the back of your router if you haven’t changed the password earlier. Alternatively, look at the list of standard usernames and passwords.

The instructions for regaining your WiFi password on Windows, Mac OS, and through the router admin panel are provided below:

Router admin interface:

You can use the next way to find your WiFi password if you are already connected to WiFi but have forgotten your password.

  • Using the router’s default IP address, launch a browser and log in to the web interface.
  • Typically, or is the default IP address (check the list of default router IDs and passwords)
  • Go to Wireless > Wireless Settings after logging in.
  • If you look next to the Passphrase or Security Key section, you will see your WiFi password mentioned.


If you’ve already logged in to the WiFi network using the same Windows PC, recovering a forgotten WiFi password on Windows is simple. Here’s how to retrieve a forgotten WiFi password on Windows because the password was saved on your computer because you entered it before connecting to the network:

  • Enter the word “View network connections” after searching for it in the Run Box or Start Menu.
  • The networks will all appear in a new window. Right-click on your WiFi network selection and choose Status from the menu.
  • The new pop-up window will open. Select Wireless Properties by clicking.
  • Click on the Security tab now.
  • Select the Show characters checkbox underneath the Network protection key.
  • When you do that, the chosen Wireless connection’s password will be made accessible.
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If you previously connected to the WiFi network using a macOS device, you can also retrieve the password of your WiFi network, just like on a Windows PC. On macOS, use these steps to restore a forgotten WiFi password:

  • Navigate to Applications > Utilities in Finder.
  • Find Keychain Access now and click on it.
  • The System and Passwords should be selected in the left column.
  • Double-click on your WiFi network after choosing it from the list in this section.
  • To make the password visible, check the Show Password option. (To make the password visible, you must provide the administrator password.)

Note: Your administrator username is the name of your Apple ID profile, and your device login password is the same.

Factory Reset

If none of the options stated above work, you might have to factory reset your router. Any altered WiFi password is restored to its factory defaults when you factory reset your router, along with all other modifications.

Here’s how to perform a router factory reset:

Follow these instructions to factory reset your Wi-Fi router:

  • Take a toothpick or other sharp, pointed object.
  • On the router’s rear, search for a tiny hidden button marked “RESET.”
  • Use a needle to press and hold the button for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Release the button after that, and the router will restart.
  • You can now log in using the default credentials because everything has been reset to the defaults, including any modified username and password.