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“MiFi” (from the Wlan word “WiFi”) is another name for a mobile Wlan router. MiFi routers are small devices that connect to a mobile network via 2G, 3G or 4G and create a Wlan network. Such MiFi routers are very convenient because they allow you to access the internet quickly and easily almost anywhere. So you only need a SIM card and a MiFi router (mobile wifi router) for mobile Internet access on the road.

How do MiFi routers work?

As already mentioned in other blog posts, a mobile wifi router is really just a cell phone without the phone functionality. A valid SIM card from your mobile phone provider must be inserted into the device. When powered on, the MiFi router connects to the nearest cell tower. Once you have an Internet connection, you can use any device with a Wlan to access the Internet: it’s like having a small Internet modem in your pocket. Thanks to the integrated battery and light weight, these routers can be taken practically anywhere and are the perfect companions for everyday life.

Before You Buy: Different Routers

You should know that there are different MiFi routers for different deployment scenarios. We show different device properties.

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LTE router: MiFi routers with LTE are definitely the fastest devices. LTE 4G is the latest connectivity standard for the mobile internet. Over 100 Mbit/s is possible. These practical companions are faster than ordinary copper internet on land.

3G router: 3G routers without LTE are slightly slower, but still capable of 20 – 30 Mbps in good conditions. These routers are less expensive and are recommended especially if you know there are no LTE transmission masts nearby in the near future.

IInternet Stick: Unlike Wlan routers, these sticks do not create a Wlan network. They connect to a laptop or computer via USB. It then establishes a connection to the Internet. This is useful if you only need to surf the web on one device.

What is a wireless router with a SIM card?

As already briefly mentioned in the introduction, this router is a mobile Wlan router. A normal DSL router connects to your Internet provider’s server through a phone line. A WLAN router with a SIM card connects to the Internet through the cellular network.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Mobility – devices can be placed anywhere without worrying about special sockets
  • Speed ​​- With 3G and 4G, you can surf the web at speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Reliability – with old phone lines you can go wrong quickly, (almost) always have mobile network
  • Portability – Some mobile Wlan routers have built-in batteries, making them ideal for travel


  • No real flatrate – once the data volume is exhausted, the speed will decrease

What if the only cell phone signal in my town is bad?

Mobile Wlan routers usually have stronger antennas than regular smartphones. Try to connect to Wlan router with SIM card. If you’re still having trouble, you can return the router or buy an amplified antenna.

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Are WLAN routers with SIM cards faster than traditional DSL internet?

yes and no. Speeds may be in the same range in urban areas, where DSL lines are well developed. Wifi routers with SIM cards are especially useful in rural areas or while traveling.

Are there any Wifi routers with integrated batteries?

Yes, most mobile wifi routers offer integrated batteries.

How does such a Wlan router configuration work?

Wlan routers with a contract are usually pre-configured by the manufacturer. You just switch it on – the device will connect itself to the mobile network and after a few seconds the Wi-Fi network will be activated.

Where can I go with the router?

As mentioned above, such routers require power and cellular network to work.

Mobile Internet speeds are comparable to today’s Europe, and there is a sufficiently fast network almost everywhere. While Edge lets you surf the web at a snail’s pace, 3G or 4G is fast enough to download large files or stream movies, among other things.

Despite the large antenna size of a mobile wifi router, you are less likely to connect to the internet in a dead zone.

On the respective provider’s website you can find the available networks – for example Telekom.

As far as power is concerned, most devices have integrated batteries. However, runtimes vary from router to router. For example, some routers only last 4-5 hours, while others can enjoy up to 12 hours of surfing fun.

Can I use a mobile router abroad?

The router also works fine abroad. However, it’s important to know what tariffs you have.

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While there have been no roaming charges on regular contracts in Europe since last year, only Internet tariffs are different. Here it depends on whether the provider allows surfing abroad.

What connections should a mobile Wlan router have?

Mobile Wlan routers can have different types of connections. The most common types are micro SD slot for memory cards, USB for USB sticks and micro USB for power.

There are also devices with Lan connectors or Ethernet ports. The device can then be connected directly to the router via a cable.

It is recommended to choose a device with a LAN connection. Some models even have as many as four Lan ports. It would also be practical if the mobile router offered the possibility to connect a printer via a USB port.

If you can even hook up an external antenna, you can easily increase your signal strength, which in turn can improve your connection speed and stability.

This shows that comparing different devices is very important to find the right model. However, since a good Wi-Fi router is not only about speed, but most importantly the type and number of connections, special care should be taken to ensure that the device can be used later as needed.

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