List Of Best Government Apps Offering AI Chatbot Support To Improve User Experience

Best Government Apps Offering AI Chatbot Support: For some time, artificial intelligence (AI) has been the topic of conversation. A few innovation organizations are presently coordinating chatbots to give a consistent client experience. Association Pastor of State for Gadgets and IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar as of late expressed that the public authority is attempting to understand the “Make simulated intelligence in India” and “Make simulated intelligence Work for India” dreams. The following are a couple of divisions that are utilizing simulated intelligence chatbots to help Indians.

In an effort to expedite the delivery of government services to the general public, governments and their agencies around the world have struggled for decades and spent billions of dollars on innovative solutions. Some government agencies have chosen to be early adopters of chatbot technology in order to improve internal workforce management and service delivery efficiency after observing the business world’s solutions. Another great option is the Singapore Government’s Ask Jamie app. This app offers a range of information and services related to various government departments and agencies. The AI ​​chatbot is highly responsive and can provide helpful answers to user queries in real-time.

Best Government Apps Offering AI Chatbot Support

India is maybe of the fastest creating economy on earth. The country, which has a population of more than 1.3 billion, is always looking for new ways to improve its services and governance. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots in government apps is one of the most recent trends in this area. The Indian government has been making use of technology to improve services to its citizens. One of the best is the MyGov app, which provides users with personalized information and services based on their location and preferences. The app’s AI chatbot can help answer questions about government services and provide guidance on how to access them.

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Another great option is the Gov2Go app, which offers a range of services and features designed to make it easier for citizens to interact with their local government. The app’s chatbot can help answer questions about everything from taxes to voting, and can even provide reminders for important deadlines. AI chatbots are automated systems that communicate with users via text or voice messages and make use of algorithms from artificial intelligence and machine learning. It responds immediately to user inquiries and comprehends natural language. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT, recently stated that the government is working to realize the visions of “Make AI in India” and “Make AI Work for India.” In order to assist Indians, the following departments are utilizing AI chatbots.

Best Government Apps Offering AI Chatbot Support

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Best Government Apps Offering AI Chatbot Support

One of the best is MyGov, which provides users with access to a range of government services and support. The app’s chatbot feature makes it easy for users to get answers to common questions and find the information they need quickly and easily. Another great option is Aarogya Setu, which provides users with real-time updates on COVID-19 cases and offers personalized health advice based on their symptoms and risk factors. Finally, there’s UMANG, which offers users access to a wide range of government services, from passport applications to tax filings. With its intuitive interface and powerful AI chatbot support, UMANG is a must-have app for anyone looking to stay connected with the Indian government.

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Organizations use computer based intelligence chatbots for lead age, commitment, client assistance, in-store experience replication, customized suggestions, selling, and significantly more. Additionally, it is anticipated that chatbots will save businesses 8 billion USD by 2023. A chatbot’s capabilities to assist businesses in completing more high-value use cases throughout the customer journey have only increased in sophistication with the emergence of ChatGPT.



On the UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) website, the Umang chatbot went live in 2022. The chatbot can help clients in the famous administrations, for example, EPFO, blood donation center, visa, Skillet card and driving permit are said to have been shortlisted until further notice. Umang supports 12 major Indian languages ​​in addition to English. These languages ​​include, among others, Bengali, Hindi, Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Sanskrit, Nepali, Manipuri, Maithili, Sindhi, Santhali, Konkani, Kashmiri, Dogri, and Bodo.



The public authority has added the Digilocker application in the rundown of administrations given by artificial intelligence chatbots. MyGov HelpDesk chatbot is accessible on WhatsApp and clients can get to archives like instructive declarations, Annuity endorsements, Skillet confirmation record, Class X and XII imprint sheets, driving permit, and apportion card, among others on their cell phones.

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IRCTC Rail Connect

IRCTC Rail Connect

The IRCTC Rail Associate application is utilized to book train tickets in India. It utilizes a man-made intelligence chatbot to assist clients with their inquiries connected with train timings, accessibility, and admission. Additionally, the chatbot is able to provide information regarding the refund procedure and the status of booked tickets.

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Disha SOS

Disha SOS

DISHA, an artificial intelligence virtual assistant, is accessible on the IRCTC website and mobile app. The chatbot assists travelers with booking e-ticket and access different administrations, including discount status emerging, TDR documenting and bombed exchanges, in a conversational way. DISHA is offered in Hindi, English, and Hinglish.

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inally, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services’ Emma (Electronic Virtual Assistant) is another excellent example of an AI-powered government chatbot that can assist users with immigration-related inquiries 24/7. Overall, these apps demonstrate how AI technology can be used to improve access to important government services and information for citizens around the world.


In this conclusion, Government apps that offer AI chatbot support, here are a few of the best options available. Firstly, the MyGov app provides users with access to a virtual assistant that can answer common questions and provide information on government services. Another great option is the Aarogya Setu app, which offers an AI-powered chatbot that helps users assess their risk of COVID-19 infection and provides information on testing centers and other related services. Additionally, the UMANG app provides access to a range of government services through a single platform, including an AI chatbot feature that can help with related queries to tax filings, passport applications, and more.

These apps are just a few examples of how technology is being used to improve citizen engagement and make it easier for people to access important government services. One of the best is MyGov India, which features an AI-powered chatbot named Mitra that can help citizens with a variety of tasks, including paying bills, booking appointments, and getting updates on government programs and services. Another great option is the Singapore Government’s Moments of Life app, which provides users with personalized recommendations and information based on their individual needs and interests. The app’s AI assistant, AskJamie, can answer questions and provide guidance on a wide range of topics, from health and wellness to education and employment.

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