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Indian Coast Guard Salary Slip- Numerous young Indian citizens find the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) to be an appealing career choice. The nation is supported in a variety of operations by the non-military armed force. The ICG will collaborate with the Indian Navy, Department of Fisheries, Customs, and Central and State Police, among other organizations. It is an active force with more than 15,714 soldiers, 175 vessels, and 44 aircraft. Together with the Ministry of Defense, the ICG contributes to the defense of India’s waters and territories.

The ICG Yantrik, Navik are motivated to work for the country by the government’s attractive salaries. There is an official ICG website maintained by the government that provides information about allowances and salaries for each rank. However, a person’s salary is determined by their position. Examine the allowances, scale, and grade pay.

Indian Coast Guard Salary Slip

Before applying for the Indian Coast Guard recruitment in 2023, aspirants must be aware of the Navik, Assistant Commandant, and Yanktrik pay scales. According to a recent official announcement, Navik (GD) and Navik (DB)’s starting salaries in the Indian Coast Guard are 22,700. pay grade three). The Indian Coast Guard (ICG), marine police departments, and search and rescue organizations are in charge of India’s territorial waters, which include its contiguous and exclusive economic zone.

On February 1, 1977, the Indian Marine Corps was formally established by the National Guard Act, 1978, which was passed by the Indian Parliament. The Indian Coast Guard is under the direction of the Ministry of Defense. The Coast Guard and the Indian Navy, Ministry of Fisheries, Department of Taxation (Customs), and State and Central Police work closely together. for the ICG examination scheduled for 2023 and the vacant positions.

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Indian Coast Guard Salary Slip

Indian Coast Guard Salary Slip Overview

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year 2023
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Indian Coast Guard Rank and Pay Structure

Rank Pay Level (PL) Starting Basic Pay (in )
Assistant Commander (10) 56100/-
Deputy Commandant (eleven) 67700/-
Commandant (JG) (12) 78800/-
commander (13) 123100/-
Deputy Inspector General (13A) 131100/-
Inspector General (14) 144200/-
Additional Director General (15) 182200/-
Director General (16) 205400/-

Indian Coast Guard Pay Scale and Grade Pay

The Indian Coast Guard is an elite force tasked with ensuring the safety of mariners and safeguarding the country’s coastline. This includes conducting maritime security patrols, anti-drug operations, and disaster relief missions.

The Indian Coast Guard pays its personnel a competitive salary, as well as providing benefits such as medical insurance, housing allowance, and a pension scheme. The pay scale for Coast Guard officers is based on their level of experience and the position they hold in the organization.

According to the pay scale and the post on holds, the government pays all ICG forces a monthly salary. The pay scale varies depending on the serviceman’s contributions. There are various pay scales for the salary.

Grade pay

The government pays grade pay on the ICG monthly salary based on category. The individual’s position determines their grade pay.

ICG officer salary

  • The marines are under the command of ICG officers, whose sole responsibility is to ensure that their fleets perform their duties effectively.
  • The command and delegate tasks to other departments for daily patrols, rescue missions, and collaboration with other government departments.

The ICG official compensation is high contrasted with other ICG positions like Yantrik and Navik.

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Indian Coast Guard Navik DB Allowances and Perks

The Navik in the domestic branch benefit from the allowances that are provided to them in addition to the handsome salary that is paid to them. The following is a list of these benefits and allowances. Candidates who are interested in taking the test can only take it once.

  • Leave Encashment: Candidates who do not take any leave during a given time period may receive compensation in exchange for those absences.

  • Dearness Allowances: The candidates receive this as a cost of living allowance from the government.

  • Medical Allowances: This is an allowance paid monthly for medical purposes.

  • Travel Allowances: This allowance is paid to cover the costs a person pays to reach an official workplace.

  • Housing rent allowances: This allowance represents the cost of living incurred by an individual to live in the city where the office is located or where the employee works.

  • Insurance cover: Insurancecoverage (contribution) from Rs. 50 lakhs applies to registeredstaff.

  • Note:- salaries, benefits, promotions, insurance coverage and other benefits are subject to change in accordance with government mandates.

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Indian Coast Guard Yantrik Salary

The forces’ technical team that works on all technical tasks is the ICG Yantrik post. They carry out both minor and major repairs on the aircraft and the port. The Yantrik post requires skilled workers who are able to operate modern machinery. Additionally, the Yantrik receive a generous salary that varies based on rank.

Indian Coast Guard Yantrik is a government organization that functions to ensure the safety, security, and welfare of the country’s maritime interests. The organization is responsible for maintaining and operating various naval assets, such as ships, aircraft, and coastal defense systems. The Indian Coast Guard Yantrik salary is attractive with generous allowances and benefits. Those interested in joining the organization can apply online at

ICG Navik GD salary

The ICG Navik general duty unit is where most new soldiers are recruited. The ship’s upkeep and sailing are their primary responsibilities. The Navik unit can volunteer to assist the nation in an emergency operation. Depending on their positions, the ICG Navik unit receives attractive compensation.

ICG Navik DB Salary

The ICG Navik DB, or domestic branch, is a popular unit that attracts a large number of applicants when positions become available. However, the Navik DB are trained to perform a variety of tasks, including meal preparation for other sailors. As can be seen in the image above, they are paid well.

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Indian Coast Guard Salary After 7th Pay Commission

All government services are eligible for the seventh pay commission. A proposal has been made regarding the ICG, which is also a part of the government. Despite this, the ICG unit has not received any compensation as a result of the seventh pay commission. The servicemen will receive four times the current salary from the government.

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ICG Allowances and Perks

Every ICG service member receives the benefit, which also includes the perk and allowances. The allowances are regarded as recompense for their excellent work. All ICG officers receive the same benefits and allowances, which are uniform across all posts.

  • Transport allowances
  • house rent allowance
  • Dearness allowances.
  • Leave allowance.
  • Daily allowances
  • GPF services
  • loans
  • Canteen facilities

Benefits are common to all ICGs. Vacation pay is granted for a maximum of 45 days.

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The Indian Coast Guard Salary Slip provides an overview of the various salaries, allowances, and benefits that are available to Indian Coast Guard officers. The slip is intended to help prospective and current officers understand the overall compensation package available to them. This figure is based on a number of factors including the officer’s experience level and education. The cost of living in India varies by location, but most cities have a median income level of at least USD 1,100 per month. Overall, the Indian Coast Guard salary slip provides a good overview of the costs and benefits of serving in the organization.

If you are interested in working for the Indian Coast Guard and want to earn a good salary while pursuing your career goals, then it is recommended that you apply for the entrance exams and interview process soon. The Indian Coast Guard is an important part of the country’s safety and security apparatus and there are many opportunities for skilled professionals in this field.

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