How to open Network and Sharing Center or Network Connections in Windows 11

In this article, I’ll show you several ways you can open the “Network and Sharing Center” window, as well as the “Change adapter settings” window. (Network connections) in Windows 11. This can be useful when setting up an Internet connection, a local network, or for solving some problems with an Internet connection.

Why can I have difficulty accessing these settings in Windows 11? The problem is that in Windows 11 (starting from the previous version) All settings have been moved to Settings. More precisely, gradually transferred. Some settings still open in the old control panel. But finding them and opening them in some cases may not be easy. Therefore, I decided to prepare detailed instructions for you.

Through the old Control Panel

  1. Open the Start menu and type “Control Panel” on your keyboard. Launch this application.
    Running the old Control Panel in Windows 11You can also use the Win + R keyboard shortcut and the control command to launch the control panel in Windows 11.
  2. You can immediately switch the view to “Large icons”, and then find and open the “Network and Sharing Center”.
    Launching the Network and Sharing Center through the Control Panel
  3. The Network and Sharing Center window that we need will open.
    Network and Sharing Center in Windows 11
  4. If necessary, you can also click on “Change adapter settings” in the same place to open the “Network connections” window where all network adapters are displayed. I highlighted this item in red in the screenshot above. The Network Connections window in Windows 11 looks like this:
    Window "Change adapter settings" in Windows 11If you need to view some properties of a Wi-Fi connection, or change Wi-Fi settings, then it is better to do this in the parameters. Here is a detailed instruction: properties and configuration of a Wi-Fi network in Windows 11.
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Open the Network and Sharing Center using the command

Another easy way. We do this:

  1. Open the “Run” window. To do this, press the key combination Win + R.
  2. Copy this command:

    control.exe /name Microsoft.NetworkandSharingCenter

    Paste it into the “Run” window and click Ok.
    Command to launch Network and Sharing Center in Windows 11After that, the window we need will open.

How to open Network Connections in Windows 11?

Two ways to access network connections (in the old interface). It’s just that many people are looking for a network control center for this, in order to go from it to a window with a list of network connections.

1 way

  1. Right-click on the Start menu and select “Settings”. Or open them in another way convenient for you.
  2. In the settings, go to “Network and Internet” – “Advanced network settings”.
  3. Click on “Advanced network adapter settings”.
    Advanced network adapter options in Windows 11The Network Connections window opens with a list of adapters.

2 way

  1. On your keyboard, press the Win+R key combination to open the Run window.
  2. Copy the ncpa.cpl command and paste it into the Run window.
    ncpa.cpl command to access network connections in Windows 11
  3. Click OK. The window we need with network adapters will open.

If you need this manual, then most likely you have encountered some problems in the operation of the Internet connection. You can tell about it in the comments, and I will try to help you.

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