How to connect TWS earbuds i7, i8, i9, i10, i11, i12, F9 to phone, iPhone, laptop or computer?

Among the Chinese wireless TWS Bluetooth headphones, there are a large number of different manufacturers and models. Due to the low price, these headphones are very popular. But one of the main disadvantages of these headphones is the lack of instructions in Russian. (or other required language). Often there is no instruction at all, or there is no necessary information. And after buying Chinese TWS headphones on the same AliExpress, many people have questions about how these headphones work, how to connect them to a phone or computer, etc. Most often these are i7, I7 Mini, i7s, i8, i9, i10, i11, i12, i13, i17, i18, i30, F9 and other models.

In this article, I will try to make detailed instructions for connecting TWS headphones i7, i7s, i8, i9, i10, i11, i12, i13, i17, i18, i30, F9 to different devices: Android phones, iPhones, laptops and Windows computers 11, 10. It is very difficult to make one, universal instruction, since the headphones are even the same model, for example F9, but from different sellers can work differently. I already talked about this in the article TWS wireless headphones: how to turn on, connect, use, charge.

If you have already connected or tried to connect your TWS headphones, but you have a problem with connecting the right or left earphone when only one earphone is connected, then see this article: TWS headphones i7, i8, i9, i10, i11, i12 – not working one earphone, not connected. Synchronization of the right and left Chinese earphones with each other. There I wrote how to synchronize Chinese TWS headphones and reset them. This page will be just instructions for connecting.

I also want to add that this instruction will be written on my personal experience, since I have two pairs of such headphones: i7s and i30 (quality copy of AirPods). And I also had to connect headphones i9, i12, YODELI i7s and HQB-Q32.

Instructions for connecting headphones F9, i7, i8, i9, i10, i11, i12, i13, i17, i18, i30

  1. Charge your headphones. Or make sure they are charged and working (turn on).
  2. Remove both earbuds from the charging case. In most cases, the headphones turn on automatically. This is signaled by an indicator on each earpiece, or a beep (team).
    Headphone connection F9, i7, i8, i9, i10, i11, i12, i13, i17, i18, i30If the headphones do not turn on, then turn them on by holding the button (on most models it is touch sensitive) on each earbud for a few seconds.
  3. Immediately after turning on, the headphones should automatically synchronize with each other (right and left earbuds are connected to each other to work in stereo mode). Most often, on headphones i7, i8, i9 and other similar models, after synchronization, the indicator continues to flash on only one earphone (usually it is a blue, or red-blue LED).
    Preparing Chinese TWS headphones for connectionHe says that the headphones are ready to connect.
  4. After the TWS Bluetooth earbuds have been paired, they can be connected to the device. Go to Bluetooth settings on your Android phone, iPhone or computer and turn on Bluetooth.
  5. Select headphones from the list of available devices. For me, for example, they are called “i7S-TWS”.
    Connecting wireless TWS Bluetooth headphones from AliexpressHeadphone name may vary. I saw cases when they were simply called TWS.
  6. Headphones will connect to the device and start working. You can listen to music, watch videos, play games, answer phone calls, etc. The microphone on the headphones will also work. Once connected, the indicators on these headphones stop flashing.
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To turn off the headphones, simply turn them off by holding the buttons for a few seconds, or put the headphones in the charging case (they should turn off automatically). Since the headphones are already paired with your device, the next time you connect, you just need to take them out of the case (turn on) and they connect to the device automatically.

Important point: In order for your device to see the headphones and connect them, the connection mode must be activated on the headphones. They must not be connected to other devices.

How to connect TWS earbuds to Android phone?

  1. Open Bluetooth settings on your phone and turn it on.
    Bluetooth activation on Android
  2. Take the earbuds out of the charging case. If they do not turn on automatically, turn them on manually by holding the buttons for 3 seconds.
    Connecting TWS earbuds i7, i9, i12 to Android phone
  3. If the headphones are turned on and not connected to other devices, the phone will see them and display them in the list of available devices. Select your headphones from the list. In our case, we connect I7-TWS headphones.
    Pairing an Android phone with TWS i7, i9, i12, F9 headphones
  4. The headphones will be connected and will display “Connected for calls and audio playback” next to them.
    "Connected for calls and audio playback" on AndroidAlso near them, or in the status bar, the charge level of the headphones can be displayed.

The process of connecting headphones i7, 9, 12, etc. is not difficult. You can figure it out even without instructions. Often people complain that the phone does not see wireless headphones. And from my own experience I can say that most often there are two reasons: the first is when the headphones do not turn on at all (for example, they are discharged or broken, this happens not infrequently with them), and due to the lack of indicators, it is not entirely clear whether they are enabled or not. And the second reason is when TWS headphones do not go into pairing mode after being turned on, or automatically connect to the device to which they were connected before.

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Connecting to an iPhone

iPhone is also good friends with cheap Chinese headphones. The connection process is practically no different from Android. But some models of headphones, for example, my i7s iPhone detects as AirPods and offers to connect them through a pop-up window. Simply turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone and remove the earbuds from the case (turn on). After that, a pop-up window will appear asking you to connect headphones.

Connecting Chinese headphones i7s, i9, i12, F9 to iPhone via a pop-up window

Everything connects perfectly and even displays the charge level. True, as I understand it, the charge level of the case is displayed incorrectly. It hardly connects to the phone.

If your i7, i8, i9, i10, i11, i12, F9 earbuds are not connecting through the pop-up window, then do this:

  1. Take the earbuds out of the charging case.
  2. Open the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone. Turn it on if it’s off.
  3. In the “Other devices” list, click on your headphones. I connected the i7S model to the iPhone.
    Connecting headphones i7, i7s, i8, i9, i10, i11, i12, i13, i17, i18, i30, F9 to iPhone
  4. The earphones will be paired with the iPhone and will start working immediately.
    Chinese TWS headphones from Aliexpress connected to iPhone

All the headphones I have tested work well with the iPhone. With different Bluetooth versions: 5.0, 5.1, 5.2. TWS E6S, E7S, TW01, Baseus WM01 and others.

If you couldn’t connect, or you have other headphones, you can also look at this instruction: how to connect wireless headphones to your phone.

Connecting to a laptop or computer on Windows 11, 10

Using Windows 11 as an example:

  1. You need to open “Settings”. I usually right click on the start menu and select “Settings”.
  2. In the “Bluetooth and devices” section, turn on Bluetooth and click on “Add device”. If you do not have Bluetooth settings, then see this article: Bluetooth does not work in Windows 11 on a laptop or computer.
    Bluetooth activation in Windows 11 to connect TWS headphones i7, i8, i9, i10, i11, i12, F9
  3. Another window will open in which you need to click on “Bluetooth”. Device search will start.
  4. Turn on your headphones (take them out of the case).
  5. Select your headphones from the list of available devices.
    Connecting TWS i7s earbuds to a Windows laptop
  6. Once connected, the headphones will be ready to use.
    TWS headphones i7, i8, i9, i10, i11, i12, F9 in Windows 11The inscription “Connected voice, music” next to the headphones means that you can output sound to them and use the microphone built into the headphones. But the microphone in my i7S, and in other models of Chinese inexpensive wireless headphones, is not of very good quality.
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If after connecting headphones i7, i7s, i8, i9, i10, i11, etc. Windows does not output sound to them, then you can see the solution in a separate article: no sound in Bluetooth headphones (speaker) in Windows 11. If not If you are unable to connect headphones, then see the detailed instructions: how to connect Bluetooth headphones in Windows 11.

Some useful links for those who have Windows 10 installed:

Since there are many wireless TWS headphones, they are all different and connect to different devices, it is very difficult to write instructions that would cover all these devices. Therefore, you can always ask a question in the comments and I will definitely answer you. Please specify the headphone model (if they don’t have names and models, attach a photo, or leave a link on AliExpress) and write in detail what the problem is.

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