How to connect a TV to a Windows 11 laptop or computer?

In this article, I will talk about the ways in which you can connect a TV to Windows 11. More precisely, to a laptop or computer that runs on this operating system. This connection is most often used to broadcast a computer screen to a TV. The tasks can be different: using the TV as a monitor, watching movies, playing games, displaying presentations, etc. You can connect Windows 11 and the TV either using an HDMI cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Smart TVs have the most options. But with the help of separate devices, or a cable, you can connect to a TV without Smart TV.

I connected my laptop on Windows 11 to the TV in probably every possible way. In this article, we will look at the following solutions:

  1. Through an HDMI cable. The easiest and most reliable way. Almost all TVs have an HDMI input, and there is an output on all laptops. (on some models via an adapter) and computers. With this connection, Windows 11 will use the TV as a monitor. No delay in video and audio output.
  2. Without wires, via Miracast. Miracast is supported on most laptops running Windows 11 and is used to wirelessly send picture and sound to Miracast-enabled TVs. You can completely duplicate the computer screen on the TV and transmit sound through wires.
  3. Via Wi-Fi or LAN using DLNA technology. All computers that run Windows 11 support DLNA. This technology is supported on all Smart TVs. With it, you can broadcast individual video, photo and audio files. Full screen duplication via DLNA is not possible. PC and TV must be on the same network.
  4. Google Cast protocol. This is a technology from Google that allows you to stream video and audio to devices that support Google Cast. On Windows 11, you can cast content from the Google Chrome browser and other Google Cast-enabled apps. This technology is supported on all TVs and Smart TV boxes that run on Android TV. For other devices, you will need to purchase a Chromecast adapter. I will not go into this method in detail in the article, as I already wrote about it in a separate article: Google Cast on an Android TV. What is it, how to set it up and how to use it?
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If you don’t know if your TV has Smart TV, then see this article: Smart TV function on TV: yes or no, how to check. If so, then most likely the TV supports Miracast, DLNA and Google Cast (Android TV only).

I tested all these methods on my own devices. Connected laptop to LG and Philips TV. But on other TVs, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, Ergo, Hisense, etc., everything works too.

Via HDMI cable

  • To connect we need a laptop or PC (in our case with Windows 11 installed) with HDMI output, HDMI cable and TV with HDMI input. It is enough to connect the cable to the computer and TV. It is recommended to completely turn off both devices before connecting.Connecting a laptop or PC on Windows 11 to a TV via HDMI
  • Once connected, the image from the computer will automatically appear on the TV screen.Connecting Windows 11 and TV via HDMI
  • If this does not happen, then on the TV you need to open the menu with the choice of signal source and select the HDMI port into which we connected the cable. Usually this menu is called by the Input or Sources button on the remote control.Selecting the image input source on the TV
  • On Windows 11 using a keyboard shortcut Win+P you can open the menu and select the desired display method: computer screen only, repeating, expand, second screen only.Selecting HDMI Image Projection Mode in Windows 11HDMI will also transmit sound to the TV. If necessary, you can change the audio output source in Windows 11 settings.

Connecting Windows 11 to a TV Wirelessly

Miracast lets you connect Windows 11 to your TV wirelessly. The connection is made directly through the computer’s wireless adapter. (laptop) and TV. This means that we need a computer with Wi-Fi (the PC may not have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter) and TV with Wi-Fi module. Connecting in this way allows you to fully broadcast the screen (image) and sound. But with such a connection, there may be a delay in the transmission of pictures and sound.

  • Turn on Miracast on your TV. It may already be enabled. These settings may look different depending on the manufacturer, TV model and software version. On newer LG TVs, for example, all you have to do is open the Screen Share app.
    Activating Miracast on TV
  • In Windows 11, you need to open the Transfer menu. This can be done with a keyboard shortcut Win+K. You can also open the settings section SystemDisplayMultiple displays and press the button Connection opposite the item Connecting to a wireless display.
    Connecting Windows 11 to a TV WirelesslyYou can also add a button to the Quick Access Toolbar and open the menu from there.
  • Next, our laptop or PC should find the TV (if Miracast is supported and enabled). We just have to select the TV in the “Available displays” list.
    Connecting to a TV via Miracast on Windows 11
  • The TV will be connected to Windows 11 as a wireless display.
    Connecting Windows 11 and Smart TV TV wirelessly via Miracast
  • As in the case of an HDMI connection, with a wireless connection, you can change the image output mode through the “Transfer to device” menu, which is opened by a keyboard shortcut Win+P.
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For more detailed instructions and solutions to the most popular problems with Miracast in Windows 11, you can see in a separate article: Wireless display in Windows 11: how to turn on Miracast and connect to a TV.

Via Wi-Fi using DLNA technology

It is important to understand that via DLNA there is no way to completely duplicate the computer screen on a TV, as via HDMI or Miracast. Can be sent to TV (reproduce) separate video, photo and audio files. You can start watching a movie, playing music, or displaying a photo. In this case, the connection takes place over the local network. This means that the computer and TV must be connected to the same local network. (to one router). The connection can be via Wi-Fi, or using a cable.

DLNA support is available on all Windows 11 computers. Also, almost all Smart TVs support DLNA.

  • In Windows 11 right click on any file (video, photo, music) and select the item Show advanced options.
    Playing DLNA files with Windows 11 on TV
  • Click on the item Transfer to devicethen select your TV from the list.
    Connect Windows 10 to a TV via Wi-Fi to play videos, music and photos
  • A small player will appear on the computer screen, where you can control playback, add new files to the playlist, and more.
    DLNA playback control in Windows 11
  • The file will start playing on the TV. In my case, it’s video.
    Connecting a laptop on Windows 11 to a Smart TV TV via a Wi-Fi router

The site has a separate article: setting up a DLNA server in Windows 11. How to connect a TV and display video, photos, music on it. In it, I showed everything in more detail. You can set the TV to access specific folders on your computer. This will allow you to start playing files from the TV. You only need to enable media streaming in Windows 11 and add folders with files to the library.

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