How to change your Admin Router’s Wi‑Fi password?

To access the router admin console and change its settings, a password for the router is required.

Since they nearly always know all router default passwords, the majority of hackers use your router to access your wireless home network.

Changing the default router password can increase device security and protect your home network.

  • Make a note of your router’s device model number. On routers, firewalls, or IP cameras, it is printed on the device package, located on the bottom sticker of the device, or displayed on the device web interface.
  • Check your router’s default IP address. To obtain its default IP address, you can either search the Internet or consult the router’s manual or handbook. or 1192.168.1.1 is the standard IP address, depending on the router type and the maker.

  • Obtain your router’s default username and password. It is also mentioned in the Router Handbook or Manual. Additionally, look at your router’s bottom or back sticker.

Note – The most frequent default username and password are respectively admin and password.

  • From the router admin console, modify the factory default password.
  1. Unlock a web browser on your PC or mobile device. You can operate Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome.
  2. Enter the Router IP address you noted in the previous step into the address bar.
  3. Use the router’s default IP address and password to log in.
  4. Search for the appropriate page to update the password.
  • You should select the Administration tab on Linksys routers. Click the Password tab to access earlier versions.
  • You should select the Maintenance menu for VersaLink routers.
  • For NetGear routers, select Wireless Setup under Setup in the Advanced tab.
  • Click System Password > Edit System Password on AT&T routers.
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Your router’s password should be changed. You will be unsigned from the router admin console.

Re-login with the new password.