Downloaded WhatsApp Pink virus by mistake Here’s what you can do to fix your phone?

Downloaded Whatsapp Pink virus – Are you feeling frustrated? Maybe your phone has stopp working or is just generally not behaving the way it should. In these cases, it can be really hard to troubleshoot and figure out what’s wrong. That’s where we can help! This blog will provide you with a guide on how to fix your phone if it was infecte with the WhatsApp pink virus by mistake. Whether you need to clear your cache or reset your device, we’ve got you cover. So don’t wait – download our guide and get started fixing your phone right away!

Users are advised not to click on whatsapp’s apk links in the Pink app. A new whatsapp virus is spreading that promises to change the color theme of the whatsapp app to pink. Internet security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia warns against clicking on his apk link for his Android app whatsapp pink, which is circulating in groups. According to researchers, clicking on his apk link on whatsapp Pink will make the phone completely inaccessible. The app promises to change whatsapp’s entire user interface (UI) to a pink theme. However, please note that this app is malware, not the official version. Downloaded whatsapp pink virus.

Downloaded whatsapp pink virus by mistake

A new computer virus is spreading among whatsapp users and can cause permanent data loss on the target device. This virus is shared as an alternative version of a chat app called whatsapp Pink. This is not the first time his whatsapp has been used by attackers for such malicious activity. However, this new malware can cause victims to lose complete control over their device and its data. Downloaded whatsapp pink virus.

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This malware was recently discovered by a cybersecurity researcher and published on Twitter. Experts warned that hackers could gain complete access to virus-infected phones. A dangerous computer virus spreads under the nickname ‘whatsapp Pink’. Everything you need to know about this is here.

Downloaded whatsapp pink virus

Downloaded Whatsapp Pink virus Overview

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What is WhatsApp Pink?

whatsapp Pink is essentially malware or malicious computer program that attempts to hijack the targeted system. The virus got its name from an alias that spreads in whatsapp groups. A carefully crafted message containing the virus promises that if the user clicks on the link, Pink girlfriend whatsapp will be installed on the phone. The message also includes an image showing a chat from his whatsapp in pink. Needless to say, the photos are as fake as the claims. Malicious messages also contain links to apk downloads.

The user is asked to click a link to download a pink themed Whatsapp. Users who click the link will be directed to download the apk. This downloaded file is a real virus in disguise. The user is unaware that he is tricked into downloading the virus because he is keen to install the whatsapp package. As such they are happy to grant the permissions that packages on their smartphones ask for.

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How to avoid being a victim of WhatsApp Pink?

To date, several whatsapp users have reported receiving such links on their mobile phones, many forwarding them without knowing their true purpose. Sharing such unverified information is a big part of the problem facing whatsapp users. The threat actor takes advantage of this knowing that such disinformation can be easily spread via her whatsapp groups. They simply disguise malware and viruses viruses in an attractive format, and people start downloading and sharing them without knowing their true nature.

However, as people become more and more aware of how such scams work, they should be aware of misleading messages and links such as those shared on Whatsapp. One of the simplest and most effective safety tips to follow in such cases is to avoid clicking on such unverified or suspicious links. third party links that keep you away from whatsapp should be checked carefully and only clicked if the source is trustworthy.

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How to fix your phone?

If you downloaded the WhatsApp Pink virus by mistake, here’s what you can do to fix your phone: 1. Open the app and tap on More in the top right corner. 2. Select Delete from the menu that pops up. 3. Confirm by pressing OK. 4. If you already have the virus and want to remove it: 6. Open Settings on your phone. 7. Under Apps, select WhatsApp (or any other app that was install via an APK). 8. Tap on Virus Scanner from the menu that appears next to that app. If the app is not installed, you will be prompted to install it first. Once installed, tap on Virus Scanner from the app’s menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

Of course, users are advised not to click on whatsapp apk links in Pink apps. In a subsequent tweet, Rajaharia outlined the next steps to follow if you accidentally downloaded his whatsapp Pink app. Did you download the whatsapp Pink malware app how to fix your phone:

Of course, the first step is to uninstall her whatsapp Pink immediately.

unlink all whatsapp web devices.

go to the Settings menu and clear all browser caches.

finally, open the All App Permissions section and look for any suspicious permissions.

Revoke any privileges that seem suspicious.

again, we recommend that you do not click on apk links to download and install the whatsapp Pink app. Because this malware can cause users to lose access on their mobile phones. Before clicking on any links, we recommend looking for the following signs of suspicion.

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Some Legitimate WhatsApp Updates

WhatsApp is a messaging app that many people use to stay in touch with friends and family. Recently, there have been reports of users downloading a fake WhatsApp update that caused their phones to crash. If you downloaded the incorrect update, here are some steps you can take to fix your phone: Restore it from backup, move any third-party apps installed on your phone, and until March 2019 before using the app again.


If you’ve downloaded the WhatsApp Pink virus by mistake, here are a few things you can do to try and fix your phone. Firstly, try reinstalling the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. If that doesn’t work, try updating your security software and malware removal tools. If that still doesn’t work, you may have to restore your phone to its factory settings. However, make sure to back up all your important data first! If none of these solutions work, please reach out to your phone’s manufacturer for assistance. Thank you for reading and we hope that this blog was helpful. Until next time, take care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Whatsapp Pink a virus?

What to do if you get a link is Whatsapp Pink isn’t an app makeover. Don’t be fool by a new WhatsApp scam that offers a pink Android app makeover; it’s malware that can steal your data, not the app.

Why is my whatsapp pink?

WhatsApp Pink is a harmful computer application that targets to hijack a specific system. The virus is sprea via whatsapp groups under the moniker whatsapp.

What Is it possible to get a virus through WhatsApp?

It will not be run on your phone in any manner, however it may contain conventional viruses. You may, however, get Sickness if you open a file or a link that contains malware while using Whatsapp on your PC. This is a fundamental fact.

How do you know if an app is infected?

You may notice an increase in random pop-ups more than usual if your device is housing a malicious app or virus. You may also see app icons from apps you never downloaded if you take a closer look at your app library. Your accounts have been linked to fraudulent websites.

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