Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map, Location & Tracking

Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live – As the cyclone approaches, everyone is anxious to know its location and track its progress. The Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map is the perfect tool for tracking cyclone Yaas. This map displays the cyclone’s current location, speed, and trajectory in real time. Additionally, it provides information on evacuation orders and shelters in operation. Whether you’re at home or traveling, the Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map is a great resource for keeping up to date with the cyclone. So download it now and stay safe during this dangerous cyclone!

Cyclone YAAS is about to hit the east coast of India. According to forecasts, the cyclone will transform into a severe storm on May 25 and make land fall near the Balasore coast in Orissa. This is a good time to stock up on supplies and prepare for the impending storm, but it’s equally important to be armed with the latest information on the path of the cyclone and other developments. Software and solution providers have created maps that trace the cyclone YAAS live path. Cyclone YAAS LIVE Tracker.

Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map

With the Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map, you can keep track of the storm as it progresses. It also provides live location and tracking information, so you can follow the storm from anywhere in the world. In the event of an evacuation, this app can be of great help in estimating damage. Stay safe by knowing exactly where the cyclone is located at all times and be prepared for any eventualities. Make sure to download the Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map app to stay informed and safe during this cyclone!

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The map was created using ArcGIS Online, Esri’s mapping and analysis system, and uses input from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) to provide up-to-date information on cyclones and related factors. This includes weather wind speed, number of households and population of the affected area. The map integrates information from various authoritative feeds and sources for a consolidated view of cyclone YAAS movement and impact.

Cyclone YAAS LIVE Tracker

Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Details

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What is Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map?

If you’re living in or near an area affected by cyclones, the Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map is an essential app. It provides real-time tracking data of cyclones in the Bay of Bengal, as well as information on their location, intensity and track evolution. This app can also be used to determine when and where to evacuate people in advance of a storm. Keep it on your phone, so you have all the information you need at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

How to track Cyclone YAAS live with ESRI India’s map?

Users can track Cyclone YAAS live on Esri India GIS maps by simply visiting the dedicated Cyclone YAAS Live Path page using a browser. All a user needs to follow Cyclone is a browser and a reliable internet connection. The site itself is optimized to work properly on both desktop browsers and mobile phones. Users can also get relevant information about the disaster area by zooming in on the map. Cyclone YAAS LIVE Tracker.

This includes emergency shelters, weather and wind farm data from buoys, and infrared/colorized satellite imagery. The aim is to bring a common view to relevant authorities, departments and social organizations so that they can take timely action to reach the public and protect life and property. Cyclone Yass Live Path Map was created specifically to provide updates powered by Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, said AGENDRA Kumar, Managing director, ESRI India.

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How Does The Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map work?

As the cyclone nears the coast of Queensland, Australia, many people are wondering how the Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map works. The app is easy to use and provides real-time updates on the storm’s progress. You can track your location, as well as the whereabouts of loved ones and friends. Additionally, this app is invaluable in providing peace of mind during this dangerous weather event. Make sure to download the Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map today, and stay safe!

Cyclone YAAS live updates on UMANG app

The UMANG app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App store. The app has already been downloaded millions of times on the Google Play store, but the number of downloads on the App Store is unknown. The application basically provides a single platform for all Indian citizens to access pan-Indian e-government services ranging from central to local government agencies also helps track the live status of Cyclone.

You can see the application and status of Cyclone YAAS, which will hit parts of Bengal and Orissa in a few hours. To use the UMANG app, simply download the app to your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Then register on the app with your personal details including name, phone number, among others. Once that’s is done, you will be able to get the latest update related to Cyclone YAAS on UMANG app. You can also head to websites such as,,, among others to track Cyclone YAAS in real time and get all the latest updates.

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How to use the Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map?

As Cyclone Yaas moves across India, the Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map can be a useful tool for staying updated on its progress. The map includes real-time location and tracking information, so you can stay informed during the storm. In addition, the map can be used to prepare for the storm by ensuring you have enough food, water, and shelter. If you’re in an area affected by the storm, please take precautions and contact your local authorities if needed. Please use the map at your own risk – while it is updated regularly, there is no guarantee that it will be accurate in every location.


If you are in the path of Cyclone Yaas, the Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map is the perfect resource for tracking its location and trajectory. This map provides real-time updates on the storm’s status and location, making it easier for you to stay safe. Additionally, the map offers helpful tips on how to prepare for the storm and protect yourself. Don’t wait any longer – download the Cyclone Yaas Tracker Yaas Live Map today and stay safe during this dangerous storm!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cyclone Yaas Tracker?

Over the North Andaman Sea, a low-pressure area developed. It intensified into a severe cyclonic storm named Cyclone Yaas on May 22, 2021, after it collided with the east-central Bay of Bengal.

What is the meaning of Yaas cyclone?

Oman has given the name Yaas to the cyclonic storm that will hit Odisha and West Bengal next week. The term is similar to Jasmine in English and refers to a tree with excellent fragrance.

What Is Yaas cyclone powerful?

Cyclone Yaas hit Odisha very hard and then had a significant influence on West Bengal after doing extensive damage. Of the 2021 North Indian Ocean Cyclone season, it was the second cyclonic storm and the second extremely severe storm.

How to track Cyclone Yaas?

The cyclone Yaas is being tracked in real time by the Regional Specialized Meteorological Center for Typical Cyclone Over North Indian Ocean RSMC. India’s Ministry of Earth Sciences is also working on it. To see where the cyclone is currently positioned, head here.

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