BMW iX1 Reviews 2023 Launch Date & Price, Top Speed, Features

BMW iX1 Reviews- BMW iX1 has been generating positive reviews from automotive enthusiasts and experts alike. The electric SUV combines cutting-edge technology, luxurious design, and impressive performance to deliver an unparalleled driving experience. Reviewers have praised the iX1 for its spacious interior, comfortable seating, and advanced safety features.

The electric powertrain provides quick acceleration and a smooth ride, while the long-range battery ensures that drivers can travel with confidence. Additionally, the iX1 boasts a sleek and modern exterior design that turns heads on the road. With its exceptional range, innovative features, and stylish aesthetics, the BMW iX1 is setting new standards in the world of electric vehicles.

BMW iX1 Reviews 2023

BMW iX1 Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with critics and consumers alike praising the car’s sleek design, impressive performance, and advanced technology features. The iX1 is BMW’s first all-electric SUV and has been hailed as a game-changer in the electric vehicle market.

Its powerful electric motor delivers instant acceleration and a smooth, quiet ride, while its long-range battery ensures that drivers can travel with confidence. The interior of the iX1 is luxurious and spacious, with high-quality materials and a state-of-the-art infotainment system. Overall, the BMW iX1 has received high marks for its innovation, sustainability, and overall driving experience, solidifying its position as a top contender in the electric vehicle market.


BMW iX1 Reviews Overviews 2023

article name BMW iX1 Reviews 2023 Launch Date & Price, Top Speed, Features
BMW iX1 Launch Date
BMW iX1 Price Rs 60 lakh
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The iX1 comes with a range of features, such as an integrated 10.25-inch digital driver’s display and a 10.7-inch infotainment system that operates on BMW’s latest iDrive operating system. Other amenities available include a panoramic sunroof, various driving modes, dual-zone climate control, and front seats that can be electrically adjusted and have memory and massage functions. Inspired by the XM Concept, the iX1 has a futuristic design with an upright nose and a prominently large chrome grille. The car is adorned with blue highlights to highlight its electric nature, and the new LED headlamp clusters seamlessly integrate the inverted daytime lights.

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The dual electric motor of the electric SUV has a power of 313PS/494Nm and transmits power to all four wheels. According to BMW, the iX1 can travel up to 438km before its battery charge is depleted. The performance of this electric vehicle is impressive and delivered with minimal fuss. The accelerator pedal of the iX1 has a slightly top-loaded response, particularly in Sport mode, where the aggressive mapping makes it challenging to achieve a smooth takeoff.

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BMW claims that the zero-to-62-mph time is 5.7 seconds. Full acceleration is available in Boost mode, which can be activated for 10 seconds by pulling a paddle behind the steering wheel. However, we did not notice any noticeable difference compared to simply pressing on the accelerator. Additionally, there is a one-pedal mode that can be accessed by pulling the stubby gear selector to “B.”


The BMW iX1 boasts a futuristic aesthetic, taking inspiration and design elements from the BMW XM. This electric crossover closely resembles its internal combustion engine counterpart, the X1, with a comparable upright front end and a prominent kidney grille. To signify its electric powertrain, the vehicle is adorned with blue accents throughout.

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The interior of the iX1 is impeccably designed and surprisingly roomy considering its length of just over 177 inches. It comfortably accommodates full-size adults in both the front and rear seats, and offers a generous 24 cubic feet of cargo space. These features will also be present in the US-bound X1 xDrive28i, which is powered by gasoline and actually provides slightly more cargo room at 25.7 cubic feet.

The iX1’s cabin is fitted with the brand’s contemporary dashboard design. This comprises a curved screen that consists of two displays – a 10.7-inch infotainment unit featuring the latest iDrive operating system, as well as a 10.25-inch completely digital instrument cluster. The available features include dual-zone climate control, a panoramic sunroof, various driving modes, seats that can be electrically adjusted and remember settings, high-quality upholstery, and other amenities.

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Battery Pack, Powertrain

The BMW iX1 is equipped with a 64.7kWh battery pack that is positioned on the floor, supplying power to both the front and rear axle’s dual electric motors. This configuration allows for a combined output of 308bhp and a peak torque of 494Nm. With its 64.7kWh battery pack, the BMW iX1 generates a total output of 311bhp and a peak torque of 493Nm through its two electric motors. Its acceleration from zero to 100kmph takes less than six seconds.

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The total combined power output is 308 horsepower and 364 pound-feet of torque. The power is generated from a battery pack with a capacity of 64.7-kWh, which is located under the floor. This battery pack provides a range of 266 miles according to Europe’s WLTP testing protocol, but it is expected to be slightly lower than 240 miles under the more stringent EPA procedure. The battery also supports DC fast-charging at speeds of up to 130 kW, allowing it to charge from 10 percent to 80 percent in approximately 29 minutes. Additionally, the water-cooled battery pack will automatically adjust its temperature to an optimal level of 77 degrees Fahrenheit when approaching a fast-charging station that has been programmed into the navigation system.


As a standard feature, the iX1 is equipped with a 10.3-inch digital instrument display and a 10.7-inch curved touchscreen, both of which are powered by the new BMW 8 operating system. While visually appealing and responsive, this does result in the removal of physical heating controls and the row of customizable function keys previously offered by BMW. To access a rendered version of the function keys, one must swipe down on the top of the screen, but this requires diverting attention from the road. Similarly, although the Modes button on the center console remains intact amidst the removal of traditional switchgear, pressing it only brings up options on the screen, necessitating an additional input to make a selection.

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Charging Time & Range

In less than 30 minutes, the all-electric iX1 can be charged from 10 to 80 percent using a 130kW charger. On a full charge, the iX1 has an approximate range of 450km. The BMW iX1’s battery can be charged with either an 11kW DC charger or a 130kW AC charger. Charging the battery using the DC charger takes approximately 6.5 hours, while the AC charger only requires 29 minutes to charge the battery from 10 to 80 percent.

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Is the iX1 a safe car?

Although the iX1 is not yet tested for safety ratings, its ICE counterpart, the X1 has received a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating.


The iX1 competes with the likes of the Volvo XC40 recharge, Kia EV6, Mercedes Benz EQB, and more.


As an electric vehicle, this SUV will showcase BMW’s dedication to sustainable transportation with its cutting-edge electric powertrain. It is anticipated to include a sophisticated electric motor that offers remarkable torque and acceleration, delivering a smooth and silent driving experience. Furthermore, the innovative battery technology will contribute to an extended range and efficient use of energy.

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The BMW SUV’s suspension system will be designed to achieve an ideal combination of comfort and sportiness. It will include adaptive suspension options, allowing drivers to customize their driving experience according to their preferences. Furthermore, the incorporation of regenerative braking technology is anticipated to improve energy recovery and deliver seamless and responsive braking performance. This will ultimately contribute to enhancing the overall efficiency of the vehicle.


BMW iX1 has garnered rave reviews from automotive enthusiasts and experts alike, solidifying its position as a top choice in the luxury electric vehicle market. With its sleek design, powerful performance, and cutting-edge technology, the iX1 offers an unparalleled driving experience. Reviewers have praised its impressive range, quick acceleration, and smooth handling, making it a joy to drive both in city streets and on the open road. The spacious interior and comfortable seating ensure that passengers can ride in style and comfort. Furthermore, the iX1’s advanced safety features provide peace of mind for drivers and their loved ones. Overall, the BMW iX1 has exceeded expectations and set a new standard for excellence in the electric vehicle industry.

BMW iX1 Reviews FAQ’S

What is the expected launch date of BMW iX1?

BMW iX1 will be launching on Feb 2024.

What is the expected price of BMW iX1?

BMW iX1 price is expected to be in the range of Rs. 60.00 – 62.00 Lakh.

Does the BMW iX1 have a sunroof?

BMW iX1 does not have a sunroof.

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