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Bangla Calendar – When king Akbar decided to combine the Hindu and Islamic solar calendars, this calendar was created. The Gregorian Calendar is compared to this calendar because it started history. People of many religions follow the calendar, which is considered very important for dates of celebrations and rituals. Reading the background of the Bangla Calendar will provide you with exclusive insight into the reason why different festivals fall on different dates. Learn more about the dates, how to download, and the Bengali Calendar’s 2023 timeline in this article.

The Bangla Calendar or Bong Calendar is another name for the Bangla Calendar 2023 PDF. The Solar Calendar serves as the foundation for the Bengali Calendar. 1428 BS, or Bengali Sambat, is the current year in the Bengali calendar. The new year begins in the middle of April, around the 15th of April, according to the Bangla calendar. There are two kinds of calendars in Bengali. In Bangladesh, one is used as an official calendar, and in West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam, India, another is used. You can learn about important religious festivals, as well as all kinds of holidays and local celebrations, from the Bangla calendar.

Bangla Calendar 2023

Dear user, in order to assist you, we are releasing the Bangla Calendar 2023 PDF. The specifics of Hindu festivals like Panchang, Shubh Muhurta, and holidays are included in this well-liked Bengali calendar. You can view information for each month from January to December on this calendar. 1428 BS, or Bengali Sambat, is the current year in the Bengali calendar. Bengali Calendar 2023 PDF can be downloaded from this post directly.

The Bengali calendar is the West Bengali calendar. The Bengali calendar, also known as the Bangla calendar, is based on the Bengali San (Bangabda / Banga Shakbdo) era, which began in 594 CE. Following the Bisuddha siddhanta (Drik) and Surya siddhanta systems, the Bengali date and month are displayed alongside the Gregorian date.

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Bangla Calendar 2023 PDF

Bangla Calendar 2023 Details

About Bangla Calendar

In the region of Bengal, a solar calendar known as the Bengali Calendar is used. In Bangladesh, the national and official calendar is the revised version, and in the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam, the untimely version is used. Poyla Boishakh is the Bengali name for the new year. The Bengali year, which begins with a zero in CE, is referred to as the Bengali Sambat. In the Gregorian calendar, it is 594 years earlier or 593 years later than the AD or CE year if it occurs prior to Pohela Boishakh. Bangladesh officially adopted a revised version of the Bengali calendar in 1987. The Bengali Hindu calendar, which sets the Hindu festivals, is still used by the Bengali community in India. -Reference.

Bengali Calendar 2023-24

In actuality, we’ll be sharing the Bengali calendar with you today, which is commonly used throughout Bengal. The solar calendar Bengali 2023-24 is Bangladesh’s national and official calendar, as well as a solar calendar. And in many Indian states, such as West Bengal and Tripura, a very ancient variant of this sort of Bangla Calendar 2023 is still used daily. In the Bengali calendar, the new year is also known as Pohela Boishakh, so please allow us to introduce you to the information here. The Bangla calendar is around 594 days off the Gregorian calendar, as we will explain to you here. The Bengali community calendar Bengali calendar 2023-24, which is recognized in India, Hindu holidays are established not of Bangladesh, and you should be aware of this.

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WB Bengali Calendar 2023

People of different communities, as you know, prefer to view the calendar in their own language because they live with great love and respect for their own culture in our country. The Bengali calendar 2023-24 is something you’ll want to check out if you’re Bengali. You may get extensive details on which festivals and holidays will be included in the Bangla Calendar 2023, as well as when and on which days, in this blog. You’ll have to read this blog all the way to the end if you want to download your WB Bengali calendar 2023.

2023 Bengali Festival Calendar

Date Festival Date Festival Date Festival Date Festival Date Festival
1-1-2023 New Year 21-3-23 March Vishva 22-4-23 Ramzan Eid 29-8-23 Onam 1-11-23 Karva chauth
14-1- 2023 Makar Sankranti 22-3-23 Chait Shukla di 1-5-23 International Liberty day 30-8-23 Raksha Bandhan 12-11-23 Narak chaturdshi
14-1-23 Lohadi 22-3-23 Ugadi 5-5-23 Buddh Purnima 6-9-23 Janmashtami 12-11-23 Diwali
15-1-23 Pongal 22-3-23 Gudi padva 9-5-23 Ravindra nath Tagore birthday 7-9-23 Janmashtami 13-11-23 Govardhan puja
22-1-23 Moon New Year 30-3-23 Ramnavami 14-5-23 Mother day 23-9-23 September Vishva 15-11-23 Bhai duj
26-1-23 republic day 04-4-23 mahaveer Jayanti 18-6-23 Father day 28-9-23 Eid a milad 19-11-23 Chhath puja
26-1-23 Basant panchmi 6-4-23 Fasahka Pratham din 20-6-23 Rath Yatra 2-10-23 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 24-11-23 Guru teg Bahadur martyr day
5-2-23 Guru Ravidas Jayanti 6-4-23 Holy Thursday 21-6-23 June Sankranti 15-10-23 Sharad navratri 27-11-23 Guru Nanak Jayanti
14-2-23 Valentine day 7-4-23 Good Friday 29-6-23 Bakrid 20-10-23 Durga Puja utsav first day 8-12-23 Hanukkah
15-2-23 Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti 9-4-23 Easter Divas 3-7-23 Guru Purnima 21-10-23 MHA saptami 15-12-23 Hanoka last day
18-2-23 Mahashivratri 14-4-23 Vaisakhi 29-7-23 Moharam 22-10-23 Maha Ashtami 22-12-23 December Sankranti
19-2-23 Shivaji jayanti 14-4-23 Ambedkar Jayanti 6-8-23 International friendship day 23-10-23 Mahanavami 24-12-23 Christmas before evening
7-3-23 Doli Yatra 15-4-23 Baisa khadi 15-8-23 Independence day 24-10-23 Dasara 25-12-23 Christmas
7-3-23 Holika Dahan 21-4-23 Jamat ul vida 16-8-23 Parsi new year 28-10-23 Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti 31-12-23 New year before evening
8-3-23 Holi 22-4-23 Ramzan Eid ul fitr 20-8-23 Vinayak chaturthi 31-10-23 Hello vin
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Bangali Festivals and Holidays List 2023 PDF  Month-wise

Are you looking for a list of Bengali festivals and holidays for 2023? If so, you’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’ll provide a month-by-month rundown of all the Bengali festivals and holidays for the year 2023. We’ll also include information on when each festival and holiday is celebrated, what to expect, and how to celebrate if you’re visiting Bangladesh during that time period. So whether you’re a Bangladeshi living in another country or just interested in learning about your homeland, this blog is for you.

January 2022 Bengali Calendar Magh – 1428

January 2022 Bengali Calendar Magh 1428

03rd January 2022


09th January 2022 Birth Day of Netaji
12th January 2022 Republic Day
14th January 2022 Sattila Ekadashi
18th January 2022 Amavasya
21st January 2022 ** Day before Saraswati Puja
22nd January 2022 ** Saraswati Puja, Sree Panchami
29th January 2022 Bhaimi / Jaya Ekadashi









Bengali Calendar Falgun 1428 – February 2022

Bengali Calendar

February 2022 Bengali Calendar Falgun – 1428

01st February 2022 ** Birth Day of Thakur Panchanan Barma
03rd February 2022 Birth Day of Guru Rabidas (Holiday for the followers of Guru Rabidas)
14th February 2022 Bijaya Ekadashi
16th February 2022 ** Shivaratri
17th February 2022 Amavasya
29th February 2022 Aamalaki Ekadashi

Bengali Calendar Choitro 1428 – March 2022

Bengali Calendar

March 2022 Bengali Calendar Choitro – 1428

03rd March 2022 Doljatra
04th March 2022 Holi (Day after Doljatra), Shab-e-Barat
13th March 2022 Pap Mochoni Ekadashi
17th March 2022 April Fool Day, Bank Holiday
26th March 2022 Birth Day of Shri Shri Harichand Thakur
28th March 2022 Kamada Ekadashi
30th March 2022 Birth Day of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Mahavir Jayanti

Bengali Calendar Boishakh 1429 – April 2022

Bengali Calendar

April 2022 – Bengali Calendar Boishakh  1429

01st April 2022 Bengali New Years Day (Nababarsha), Good Friday
02nd April 2022 Easter Saturday (Holiday for Christians only)
12th April 2022 Baruthini Ekadashi
16th April 2022 Amavasya
17th April 2022 May Day
19th April 2022 Eid-UI-Fitr, Akhoy Tritiya
20th April 2022 ** Additional day for Eid-UI-Fitr
25th April 2022 Birth Day of Rabindranath Tagore
28th April 2022 Mohini Ekadashi

Bengali Calendar Joishtho 1429  May 2022

Bengali Calendar

May 2022 Bengali Calendar Joishtho – 1429

01st May 2022 Buddha Purnima, Birthday of Pandit Raghunath Murmu
11th May 2022 Apara Ekadashi
15th May 2022 Amavasya
26th May 2022 Nirjala Ekadashi
30th May 2022 Purnima

Bengali Calendar Asharh 1429 – June 2022

Bengali Calendar

June 2022 Bengali Calendar Asharh – 1429

09th June 2022 Yogini Ekadashi
15th June 2022 Hul Diwas (Holiday for Adivasi Santhal only)
16th June 2022 Rathayatra
25th June 2022 Harisayani Ekadashi, Id-Ud-Zoha (Bakrid)
28th June 2022 Poet Bhanu Bhakt Birthday (for Darjeeling & Kalimpong District, Purnima
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Bengali Calendar Srabon 1429 – July 2022

Bengali Calendar

July 2022 Bengali Calendar Srabon – 1429

07th July 2022 Kamika Ekadashi
22nd July 2022 Pavitra Ekadashi
23rd July 2022 Muharram
26th July 2022 Purnima
29th July 2022 Independence Day

Bengali Calendar Bhadro 1429  August 2022

Bengali Calendar

August 2022 Bengali Calendar Bhadro  1429

02nd August 2022 ** Janmastami
05th August 2022 Aja Ekadashi
10th August 2022 Amavasya
20th August 2022 Padma Ekadashi
24th August 2022 Purnima

Bengali Calendar Ashshin 1429  September 2022

Bengali Calendar

September 2022 Bengali Calendar 1429  Ashshin

04th September 2022 Indira Ekadashi
08th September 2022 Mahalaya, Amavasya
13th September 2022 ** Additional day for Durga Puja Mahapanchami
14th September 2022 ** Additional day for Durga Puja Mahasasthi
15th September 2022 Birth Day of Gandhiji, Durgapuja Saptami
16th September 2022 Durga Puja Astami
17th September 2022 Durga Puja Nabami
18th September 2022 Durga Puja Dasami
19th September 2022 ** Additional day in connection with Durga Puja, Papankusha Ekadashi
20th September 2022 ** Additional day in connection with Durga Puja
21st September 2022 ** Additional day in connection with Durga Puja
22nd September 2022 Fateha-Dwaz-Daham, Lakshmi Puja
23rd September 2022 ** Additional day in connection with Lakshmi Puja

Bengali Calendar Kartik 1429  October 2022

Bengali Calendar

October 2022 Bengali Calendar Kartik  1429

03rd October 2022 Rama Ekadashi
06th October 2022 Kali Puja
07th October 2022 Additional day in connection with Kali Puja, Amavasya
08th October 2022 Additional day in connection with Kali Puja
09th October 2022 Bhatridwitya
12th October 2022 Chhat Puja
13th October 2022 Additional day in connection with Chhat Puja
17th October 2022 Devutthana / Prabodhini Ekadashi
21st October 2022 Birth Day of Guru Nanak
28th October 2022 Birth Day of Birsa Munda

Bengali Calendar Ogrohaeon 1429  November 2022

Bengali CalendarBengali Calendar

November 2022 Bengali Calendar Ogrohaeon  1429

03rd November 2022 Utpanna Ekadashi
17th November 2022 Mokshyada Ekadashi
22nd November 2022 Purnima

Bengali Calendar Poush 1429  December 2022

Bengali Calendar

December 2022 Bengali Calendar Poush  1429

03rd December 2022 Safala Ekadashi
07th December 2022 Amavasya
09th December 2022 Christmas Day
16th December 2022 ** New Years Day 2023
17th December 2022 Putrada Ekadashi
21st December 2022 Purnima

Bengali Calendar Magh 1429  January 2023

Bengali Calendar

January 2023  Bengali Calendar 1429  Magh

03rd January 2023 Sattila Ekadashi
06th January 2023 Amabasya
08th January 2023 Birth Day of Netaji
11th January 2023 Republic Day, Saraswati Puja
17th January 2023 Bhaimi Ekadashi
21st January 2023 Purnima

Bengali Calendar Falgun 1429  February 2023

Bengali Calendar

February 2023 Bengali Calendar 1429 Falgun

03 February 2023 Bijaya Ekadashi
05 February 2023 Maha Shiva Ratri, Shab e Meraj
07 February 2023 Amavasya
18 February 2023 Amlaki Ekadashi
22 February 2023 Dhol Purnima, Holi
24 February 2023 Shab-e-Barat

Bangla Calendar 2023 PDF

In fact, we are going to tell you today through the Bangla Calendar 2023 that you will receive clear information about the Bangla calendar, including the Bangla calendar’s months. In point of fact, all you need to do to obtain month-by-month notifications regarding the Bangla Calendar 2023 PDF is read this article.

  •  Magh 1429 will run from 16 Jan 2023 to 13 Feb 2023.
  • In this sequence, from 14 February 2023 to 15 March 2023, Falgun 1429 will remain.
  • According to Bangla Calendar 2023 PDF, from March 16, 2023 to April 14, 2023, Chetra is going to be 1429.
  • In this sequence, Vaishakh 1430 will continue from 15 April 2023 to 15 May 2023.
  • And from 16th May 2023 to 15th June 2023, Jeshtha will be 1430.  Under Bangla Calendar 2023,
  • Ashadh will be 1430 from 16 June 2023 to 17 July 2023 in this order.
  • In this context, Shravan 1430 is going to be from 18 July 2023 to 18 August 2023.
  • And Bhadra 1430 will be from 19 Aug 2023 to 18 Sep 2023.
  • Ashwin and Kartik month 1430 under Bangla Calendar 2023 PDF is going to run from 19 September 2023 to 18 October 2023 and from 19 October 2023 to 17 November 2023 respectively.
  • Similarly, in the last Agahan and Paush month 1430 Tamasha is going to run from 18 November 2023 to 17 December 2023 and from 18 December 2023 to 15 January 2024

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