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The IP address of your router, the username, and the router password are required to access any ASUS router (such as the 4G-AC68U, 4G-AC55U, or RT-AX88U). The manuals for ASUS routers contain this information. http://router.asus.com or IP address But you may use the fast guide below if you don’t have your router’s manual or don’t want to read the full thing to figure out the default login details.

You must know how to get into your router if you want to configure a VPN, learn more about the protocol settings used by your ISP, or just change your current network setups.

You can choose from a range of different router brands, each filling a certain niche, depending on your demands for network configuration.

As one of the most well-known brands available, ASUS routers are very dependable and very user-friendly. Users don’t need a lot of technical expertise to comprehend and utilise their router interface and settings.

How do I access my Asus router?

  • To access the router’s web-based user interface, launch your web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer) and type (the most typical ASUS router IP) into the address bar. Alternately, you can enter the URL http://router.asus.com in the address box.
  • Two text fields with spaces for a username and a password should be visible.
  • Your ASUS router’s default username is admin.
  • The admin password is the default.
  • You should now be able to access your router’s control panel after entering the username and password and pressing “Enter.”
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permutations of the standard username and password for ASUS routers

The most common ASUS default username and password combinations are shown in the list below. The login and password stated at the start of this guide occasionally don’t work. To gain access to your wireless router, try the username/password combinations shown below.

Serial No.UsernamePassword

How is the ASUS WiFi SSID changed?

The ASUS Router Settings Page is where you may make changes to the SSID or name of your ASUS WiFi network. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Register on the ASUS Router Settings page first. The process is described above.
  • Now that you’re on the ASUS Router Settings page, click Wireless in the Advanced Settings area of the left column.
  • The current SSID of your ASUS WiFi network is listed in the Network Name (SSID) field found here. Fill up the field with the new ASUS WiFi SSID.
  • To save the settings, scroll down and click the Apply button.

All of the aforementioned techniques didn’t work for me

Resetting your modem is all that is required. You may easily accomplish this by pressing the reset button on the bottom or back of your router. Your modem will yield to factory settings if you press and preserve this tiny control for about 20 seconds (you might ought a toothpick for this). You should be conscious that resetting your modem will result in the loss of your internet link. Therefore, it is preferable to seek an expert’s advice in this area. Note: It is plainly advised that you get assistance from someone who is fully knowledgeable about the subject if you do not have enough information.

How can I change the password on my ASUS router?

You must reset your ASUS router to its to factory settings if you have lost your router’s password. By doing this, the user name and password will be reset to their default values.

Find the Hardware Reset Button, which is typically located at the back of your router, to reset the ASUS router password. As soon as the management light starts to glimmer, press and keep it for no more than 8 to 10 seconds.

Wait at least 120 seconds before attempting to log into your ASUS router once more with the default credentials.

You will now be taken to the Control Panel, where you can adjust the settings or view more details about the recent designs.

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Most Recent Frequently Asked Question

What are the ASUS routers’ username and password?

Most ASUS routers come preconfigured with the login admin and password admin.

What is an ASUS router’s default password?

The default password for most ASUS routers is admin.

What is an ASUS router’s default IP address?

The default IP address for most ASUS routers is

How do I access my ASUS router?

Enter the router’s IP address in the address bar of your browser, followed by your router password and username, and then click OK or LOGIN.

The most likely default credentials are shown above.

How do you fix an ASUS router?

First, verify that the WAN cable is attached to the appropriate “WAN” port on the router. Then, verify your connection using either a LAN cable attached to a router port marked “LAN” or the Wi-Fi network.

How can I reset the login password for my ASUS router?

Most ASUS routers have an easy-to-use reset button that must be pressed for 5 to 10 seconds in order to reset the admin password.

What is the password for my ASUS router?

The standard method of accessing your ASUS router

Afterward, launch your preferred web browser, go to router.asus.com, and hit Enter. Your ASUS router’s “Sign In” window ought to load after doing this. Click Sign In after entering your unique router’s username and password.

How can I locate the username and password for my ASUS router?

Please reset the router to its factory default settings if you’ve forgotten your username and/or password. When the power light is flickering, press the “Restore” or “Reset” button at the back of the router for more than 5 seconds to return the device to its factory default settings.

How can I locate the username and password for my Asus router without having to reset it?

Checking the label on the router’s back is the simplest approach to discover the password. You may find the password on the sticker along with other information you need to access the router’s interface, such the serial number and mac address.

How do I change the admin password on my Asus router?

[Troubleshooting] How do I proceed if I forget my WiFi password?

  • Utilizing a wired connection, configure your wireless router.
  • the router’s configuration page (Key in setting page account and password)
  • Reset the router’s password. Go to [Wireless]>[General] please.
  • To preserve your setting, click Apply.

How can I find my Asus router’s IP address?

Connecting your PC to the router using WiFi or an Ethernet connection requires first launching the Asus Device Discovery application. Here is an illustration of how a PC and router can connect wirelessly. 8. To determine the IP address of your wireless router/AP, click the Search button after syncing the computer with the router.

What is the IP address of my Asus router?

This is commonly or for Asus routers.

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How do I connect to my ASUS router using https?

In your browser’s URL bar, type https://router.asus.com:8443. The browser would not display a warning page or a Not Secure warning before the URL bar. Note 1: You must type the whole address, including https:// and:8443, in the browser’s URL bar.

How does ASUS login work?

Note: The default username and password used to access the router’s settings page are different from the SSID and password used to connect wirelessly to the router. The default username and password are admin/admin.

Not Working router.asus.com

Reset the router to its factory defaults, then try to access the Settings page once more. On the router’s back, there is a reset button. Once the router has been turned on, hold down the reset button for about five seconds or until the power LED begins to flash, and then let go.

Can’t connect to your setup ASUS router?

When the power LED on your ASUS router begins to flash, press and hold the reset button for 5 to 10 seconds. Wait for the router to restart and restore its factory default settings. You can then log in using the admin/admin username and password by default.

Is the ASUS http router down?

We can access and reach Asus.com.

What is the Asus router’s default login?

Enter [] into the address bar of your browser after it has opened, then hit [Enter]. As the default user name and password, type [admin] and press [OK]. Press [Go] to begin the setup after logging in.

How do I get to the ASUS router app?

  • Connect to the router’s built-in network (SSID) SSID for the network is ASUS XX. Run the ASUS Router app.
  • Click “Setup.”
  • Click “ASUS Router.”
  • Select “Allow” to continue the setup.
  • Press “Start.”
  • Based on the state of your network, choose an appropriate Internet type.
  • Tap “Next” after entering the network name (SSID) and password.

What is ASUS.com’s router?

Streamlines Your Connected Life! Your home network can be managed in a much more simple and straightforward way. There is no need to turn on your computer because you can handle everything on your smartphone or tablet, from initial setup to managing daily use.

How can I log in remotely to my Asus router?

How is “Web Access from WAN” configured? Open a browser and go to Web GUI (http://router.asus.com) in the first step. Refer to [Wireless Router] for further information. How to access the router’s ASUSWRT GUI to find out more. Step 2: On the login page, enter your username and password and then click [Sign In].

How can I locate my ASUS router’s password?

My ASUS WiFi password has been lost.

  • Make a wired connection to your wireless router (computer cable)
  • Open a browser and navigate to
  • After logging in, select [Wireless] >>. [General] and update the “WPA Pre-Shared” Key with your new WiFi password.
  • To save your settings, click apply.

How can the ASUS Router app be reset?

To do that, open the ASUS Router app and select System Settings from the Settings menu. Then, locate and tap the “Factory Default” link. You can reset your router in three minutes, according to the ASUS Router app. The reset process begins when you tap OK.

Is the ASUS router secure?

The connection between your browser and the ASUS router/router.asus.com server is still secure even though you see this warning page, which indicates that your browser does not trust the router’s self-signed Certificate.

Safeness of ASUS router app?

An complete network of devices connected to an AsusWRT router can now be accessed by hackers thanks to this disclosure. With this access, hackers and criminals can install a variety of attacks on these devices, including viruses, spyware, malware, ransomware, and spyware.

MyASUS router account: what is it?

Utilize the Router’s Default Login Information.

The default username for initial logins is admin. You must create your own password, confirm it by clicking Next, and then enter it again. The default username and password for the ASUS router will often be set to Admin in the event of past logins.

Why isn’t the website on my router secure?

Due to the self-signed certificate, a security warning may appear when you enter your router’s IP address or domain name in the address bar of your browser. This conduct is typical. You can continue by doing as your browser instructs, or you can make the security warning an exception.

Should I turn on the Asus router’s firewall?

We advise you to enable Firewall on both your devices and your ASUS router in order to have a more secure network environment.

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