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This is one of the most common IP addresses. This is the admin panel address of your ADSL modem. As a rule, the companies that manufacture modems around the world load them with updated software. This makes managing modems easy. With updated software, users can change configurations by communicating with the admin panel. This comes in handy when connection issues arise. It also ensures that you customize the settings to your liking for the best service.

What can you do with

Once you enter the IP address, you are fully authorized. Once you reach the admin panel, you can do the following:

You can easily change the settings and configurations provided by the software.
It allows you to easily manage your internet, both personally and at your workplace. It also allows you to manage your internet anytime anywhere.
Allows adjustment of many functions including LAN, WAN, MAC, WPS, DNS, etc.
How to login to IP address?
The primary way to log in to an IP address is to manually enter it into a browser. You can easily access the IP address by simply entering in your browser.

Most people have no problem reaching the interface. Most users will tell you that the main problem comes when you are prompted for a password. While some people don’t know what their password is, others just accidentally enter it wrong.

What if I forget my modem username and password?

If you never use your username and password, your username and password are not forgotten, but merely unknown. The remedy is very simple. All you have to do is factory reset your modem.

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The modem device has a secret reset button. The process of factory reset usually interrupts your internet connection as internet settings are also reset. You can easily rest your modem device by holding down the reset button for a short time. This is usually done with a toothpick or needle. If you don’t know how to do a factory reset, it’s best to ask someone with knowledge to help you.

in conclusion

It is safe to say that is a custom IP address. This is because you set it up in whatever way pleases you and serves you best.